The Protector novel Chapter 108

Aaron asked Levi and Zoey to visit his house that night.

He glared at Levi fiercely. \”We’ll forget about the incident that happened yesterday morning, but you better don’t embarrass us tomorrow. I’ll kick you out without any hesitation if you dare to act shamelessly!\”

Zoey was caught in perplexity. \”What’s happening tomorrow, Dad?\”

Levi smiled. \”Abigail’s parents are visiting tomorrow.\”

\”Oh? Do you already know? I suppose Abigail told you? He’s right. They are visiting North Hampton tomorrow, and they will treat our family to dinner.\” Aaron elaborated.

Caitlyn said solemnly, \”Zoey, you are aware of the Black family’s influence, right? I have to remind you in advance not to commit any error tomorrow because of your uncles’ significant social status.\”

\”Alright, Mom.\” Zoey nodded.

Levi asked nonchalantly, \”Why are you so nervous? We are just having a meal together.\”

\”Of course we are nervous. Abigail’s parents are no ordinary people!\” Aaron looked at Levi and Zoey. \”Do you know why Abigail takes her mother’s surname? That’s because her mother, Pamela Rogers, is a member of the ultra-wealthy family in North Hampton, the Rogers family! They requested for Abigail to take her mother’s surname.\”

\”I see. No wonder Abigail’s surname is Rogers.\” Zoey was informed of that matter for the first time.

Levi’s eyes gleamed pensively. So, they are related to Oswald Rogers and his family.

\”Are you aware of the importance of this situation now? Pamela is the Rogers family’s representative.\”

Levi and Zoey were only allowed to leave after Aaron nagged them relentlessly to be mindful and stay vigilant when meeting Abigail’s parents.

The next day, Abigail’s parents, Bailey Black and Pamela Rogers, visited North Hampton. They stayed in the Mariott Hotel and hosted the dinner gathering at the same venue.

A normal room in the Mariott Hotel cost a few thousand per night, while the presidential suite was priced at no less than 80 thousand.

It was a must for Bailey Black and Pamela Rogers to stay in the presidential suite of a 5-star hotel whenever they went on a trip.

Aaron and Caitlyn were astounded when they learned of the price because a night’s stay was equivalent to 3 times of Caitlyn’s monthly salary.

Four people were seated inside the VIP private room on the second floor of the hotel when Levi and the others arrived. There was another man inside the room aside from Abigail and her parents.

Levi could sense Abigail’s gloom instantaneously.

She hurried over toward the door when she saw them. \”You’re finally here, Levi!\”

Bailey, Pamela, and the unknown man stood up simultaneously.

Bailey Black was calm, collected, and dignified.

Pamela, on the other hand, was covered in lavish clothing and accessories. She gave off the temperament of a member of the royalty. Besides, she seemed radiant like a famous celebrity because of her great effort in taking care of her body.

That unknown man was tall and burly, with muscles that rippled all over his body.

Levi knew that man was a soldier with a single glance.

Aaron and his family sat around the table warily after a warm greeting between two parties.

Abigail sat in between Levi and Zoey as if she was hiding from that man.

Aaron did not dare to speak in the presence of Pamela Rogers.

Caitlyn looked at that unknown man and asked, \”Who is this, Pamela?\”

Pamela answered delightfully, \”Caitlyn, this boy is the son of your brother’s close friend. His name is Will Ramos, and he is an outstanding child. He is the first-ranking soldier in his camp, so he is selected to participate in the private training camp organized by the King of War, Kirin. Will will be the upcoming military leader in the future!\”

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