The Protector novel Chapter 109

Levi thought to himself. So, he’s one of the soldiers transferred here by Kirin? I guess he told everyone about the selection because that is indeed a significant achievement.

Will Ramos straightened his back and puffed out his chest proudly.

He greeted Caitlyn and her family politely when Pamela mentioned his name.

Lust glinted in his eyes as he glanced at Zoey. Beauty sure runs in their family.

\”Do not hesitate to ask me for help in the future, should you require any assistance. I will certainly have the capabilities to settle your troubles,\” Will said to Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey.

Bailey Black nodded in satisfaction. \”This boy is highly competent. I am sure he will become one of the highest-ranked soldiers in near future!\”

Pamela smiled. \”That’s for sure. I’ve never misjudged anyone. He will serve the King of War, Kirin, since he is selected to take part in the Special Operations Regiment training camp. Are you aware of Kirin’s great name?\”

Aaron replied, \”Kirin is the trusted aide of the commander-in-chief for the Nine Warzones, God of War.\”

\”That’s right. I guess you and your family aren’t completely ignorant. Will will soon serve the God of War. Can you imagine the bright future that awaits him?\” Pamela asked.

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi. Then they shook their heads and sighed. \”His future must be promising!\” Why is our son-in-law so useless when compared to others?

\”I can’t say the same for your son-in-law.\” Bailey sneered.

Aaron’s face turned sour. \”You’re right. He’s just a nobody.\”

\”Dad, Uncle, that’s not true. My brother-in-law is amazing!\” Abigail defended Levi while looking at him admiringly.

Anger surged within Will Ramos at that sight. I’ve always liked Abigail, and I’ve now received recognition from Pamela Rogers herself. But Abigail still never smiles at me or shows any interest in me. So why is she looking up to this criminal who is just recently released from jail? This is outrageous!

\”Don’t be fooled by him, Abigail. His achievements 6 years ago were barely acceptable. But now, he’s just a piece of human trash,\” Bailey said unmercifully.

\”That’s right. You’re absolutely right. Levi is nothing compared to Will.\” Aaron and Caitlyn agreed with Bailey.

Abigail was about to speak further, but Levi held her hand to stop her.

Will noticed the intimate interaction of Abigail and Levi under the table. He gritted his teeth angrily and clenched his fists. But then he said with a smile after regaining his composure. \”The day after tomorrow will be the first day of our training camp. I want to invite both of you to the ceremony, Mr. Black and Mdm. Rogers. Perhaps we can get acquainted with the King of War, Kirin, if we’re lucky.\”

Kirin allowed the soldiers to bring their families along to the opening ceremony of the training camp. Will wanted to bring his parents initially, but he changed his mind on the spot and offered the chance to Bailey and Pamela.

\”I heard the news of the God of War’s participation in this ceremony as well. Although we will not get the opportunity to get acquainted with him, being able to admire him from afar in person is already a once-in-a-lifetime blessing.\” Will was filled in anticipation for the day to arrive. I idolized the God of War and the five Kings of Wars serving him since I became a soldier. It is my biggest wish to meet them in person. So there is no way I can stay calm, knowing I can finally fulfil this greatest wish of my life soon.

\”What? Really? Not only can we meet with the King of War, Kirin, but we can also see Protector of Erudia, the God of War in person?\” Pamela and Bailey almost leap in excitement.

\”That’s right. Each soldier is allowed to bring 3 people to the ceremony, so Abigail should tag along too.\” Will deliberately glanced at Abigail.

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