The Protector novel Chapter 12

Back home, Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi incredulously. \”You were right. Dad really came to invite Zoey in person.\”

\”Dad, it seems you’ve lost this bet,\” Levi said, smiling.

\”But how could this project fall into our hands? There are so many stronger companies out there. Why would they choose us?\” Aaron pondered out loud.

\”Yeah, why did they insist on having me sign the contract?\” Zoey blinked, waiting for Levi’s explanation.

She couldn’t help but think that Levi was behind all this. It was as if every word he said would come true.

\”Don’t you guys remember what Azure Dragon said at the banquet that night?\” Levi asked.

\”I get it now!\” Aaron said immediately. \”It was all Azure Dragon’s intentions! A big shot sure does honor his promises! I mean, who else do you guys think could order Mr. Jennings around?\”

Zoey smiled bashfully. \”I thought Azure Dragon was just making a casual remark.\”

\”The words of a big shot must be fulfilled!\” Levi beamed.

\”Gosh, my family is about to go through the roof once we take over this project! Cook your best dish, Caitlyn. It’s a celebration,\” Aaron said.

Perhaps it was because of their good mood, Levi looked much more pleasing to the couple’s eyes.

\”Don’t worry about finding a job, Levi,\” Zoey said. \”Just stay with me.\”

\”Sure. I’ll make sure to assist you well.\”

Three days later, Levi and Zoey suited up, ready to go over and sign the contract.

\”Levi, I think I should give Grandpa a heads-up. They’re very concerned about this after all,\” Zoey said.

\”I don’t think that’s necessary. This is none of their business, anyway,\” Levi said.

\”Still, I think I should give them a call.\”

Zoey dialed Harry’s number.

\”What’s the matter, Zoey?\”

\”Grandpa, I’m just giving you a heads-up that we’re going to sign the contract now.\”

\”Oh, that, your sister and Samuel are already on their way there, so you don’t have to go. Don’t worry. They’re going to sign on your behalf! Just leave this matter alone and go to work at Imperial Meadows in peace,\” Harry said, hanging up soon after.

Zoey was so startled that she almost dropped her phone.

\”What is it?\”

\”Grandpa said that this matter has nothing to do with me and someone has already gone to sign the contract on my behalf,\” Zoey sniveled.

Levi’s blood boiled upon hearing that.

The Lopez family is just as shameless as the Garrison family!

\”Don’t worry. No one can take away what belongs to you,\” Levi said in a low voice.

He turned around and drafted a message, sending it directly to the leader of the Ministry of Construction.

Meanwhile, a dozen of entrepreneurs had gathered at the bidding site, waiting for the announcements of the result.

Ultimately, it was Carlos Wayland, the deputy leader of the Ministry of Construction, who made the announcement.

\”I hereby announce that the West City Ecological Park project will be developed by Imperial Meadows Limited of Lopez Group!\”

The audience burst into an uproar at Carlos’ announcement.

No one could understand the logic behind Imperial Meadows’ victory.

Samuel, Melanie, and the others who went as representatives of Imperial Meadows rose to their feet and accepted the congratulations from the people around them.

\”May we have the representative of Imperial Meadows Limited come to the backstage to sign the contract?\”

The person who was ultimately responsible for the signing of the contract was still Orlando Jennings.

The deputy team leader only came to announce the result.

\”Hmm? Where’s Ms. Zoey?\”

Orlando looked up at the few of them with disgust in his eyes.

\”It’s a pleasure to meet you again, Mr. Jennings,\” Samuel greeted. \”Zoey currently has too much on her plate, so she has sent us to sign the contract on her behalf instead.\”

\”Besides, the result of the bidding has been made and we’re set on taking on the project. What’s the difference between who should sign and who shouldn’t, Mr. Jennings?\” Melanie chipped in.

\”Oh, there’s a huge difference, my friend,\” Orlando snickered. \”Let me ask you a question, for example, if you’re here on behalf of Ms. Zoey to sign the contract, will you be signing her name or someone else’s name?\”

\”I…\” Melanie was stumped.

Surely, they weren’t intending to sign Zoey’s name, but Harry’s.

Wouldn’t Zoey become the sole possessor of the project if they signed her name?

\”By the way, Mr. Jennings,\” Shaun added. \”You may not be aware of this, although the Lopez Group has many subsidiaries, the president is Mr. Harry Lopez, who has absolute control of all companies. This time the contract will be signed under Mr. Harry’s name, and Zoey has also agreed to this.\”

Orlando shook his head. \”That won’t do! We’ve appointed Zoey Lopez to oversee this project. I don’t know who’s this Harry Lopez that you speak of. But since you people have said so, I’ll give Ms. Zoey a call. If she agrees, I’ll approve it on my side as well.\”

The trio became flustered at once, knowing that Zoey had been kept in the dark and never agreed to this.

\”Ms. Zoey, may I ask if you consented for someone else to sign the contract on your behalf and with Mr. Harry’s name at that?\” Orlando asked straightforwardly once the call connected.

Upon hearing that, it dawned on Zoey that the project would have nothing to do with her from now on if she gave her consent, and if she didn’t, she supposed her grandfather would hate her for life. It was a decision she had to make between interests and her grandfather.

\”I… I a…\”

Zoey hesitated for a long time and was about to agree when Levi seized her phone.

\”No! They didn’t even call! What’s going on? Worse comes to worst, we’ll just give up on this project. Just give it to whoever wants it,\” Levi said.

Hanging up, Orlando gave Samuel and his companions a death stare, his face gloomy.

Realizing the graveness of this matter, they lowered their heads and dared not look at Orlando.

\”I’d made myself very clear, didn’t I? This project has to be accomplished by Ms. Zoey from beginning to the end! No one else can replace her! If you insist on this, I can only replace someone else! There are so many people who can handle this project.\”

\”Listen, if you want this project, get Ms. Zoey to come and sign the contract now! Otherwise, we’ll take it as you’ve forfeited!\”

Hearing Orlando’s words, the three of them ran like the wind.

\”What? It has to be Zoey? I thought anyone could sign the contract!\”

Harry was flabbergasted when he learned about it.

\”Dad, what should we do now?\” Henry asked. \”Do we really have to let Zoey take over this project?\”

\”There’s no other way. But even after Zoey takes over, most of the profits will still be in our hands. Zoey is still obedient to me; we’ll just give them a little something when the time comes. After all, her small Imperial Meadows Limited can’t afford to work on this project by themselves. They’ll need our help,\” Harry said.

\”But Grandpa, how are we going to get Zoey to sign the contract? This has happened for the second time now,\” someone asked.

\”Hmph, I’ll go pick her up myself,\” Harry sneered. \”I won’t take no for an answer. Give her a call first!\”

After the call went through, it was Levi who answered. \”Huh? You guys don’t have to come. We’re busy.\”

At that, Levi hung up directly.

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