The Protector novel Chapter 112

Someone whispered, \”It’s better to keep quiet in this place to prevent offending anyone here. They’re all formidable men.\”

\”You’re right. There are plenty of veterans attending the training camp for the first time, but they are already part of the Special Operations Regiment.\”

Will was not his usual arrogant self after hearing the whispers. He stayed silent and became timid among the crowd.

Pamela and the others were more excited than frightened. The people inside this base are all highly ranked soldiers and impressive men in the army. We can count ourselves lucky to be acquainted with just a few of them.

\”Alright. Friends and families, come over here. I want all the soldiers to follow me!\”

In the end, the crowd was segregated into 2 groups. The soldiers were crouching in front while their families sat behind on the benches provided.

Pamela and Bailey were overjoyed to see the colonels and officers lined up in front of them.

Pamela began to scan her surroundings as a thought popped into her mind.

She sneered after examining the crowd. \”Levi Garrison is a joke. Didn’t he say he’ll be attending as well? Where is he? I can’t even spot his shadow among all these people.\”

\”Don’t tell me you believe in that scum’s words? I did not even take him seriously last night,\” Bailey responded mockingly.

Abigail started looking for Levi as well. She thought Levi would come, but she did not see him anywhere.

Will had already searched the crowd with his gaze, and he did not encounter Levi either. He thought to himself sarcastically. Where are you, Levi Garrison? You’re just a piece of human trash good at talking big at the end of the day.

\”Quiet down, everyone. The King of War, Kirin, will make an appearance soon.\” An officer waved his hand in front to signal everyone. The crowd fell silent as they held their breaths involuntarily, waiting for the King of War to show himself.

A military SUV drove into the area shortly after. The soldiers and guards saluted immediately at the sight of the vehicle.

A murmur of excitement rippled through the crowd. \”The God of War is here!\”

Pamela and Bailey stared unblinkingly at the SUV.

A young man dressed in a military outfit with one star embedded on his shoulder got out of the car. That man was the King of War, Kirin.

Every soldier gazed at him with respect after he got out of the car.

All the family members gasped in terror when they saw Kirin’s appearance. The King of War is such a young man?

Everyone’s eyes were still fixated on the SUV because they assumed the next person to come out of the car would be the God of War. But they were met with disappointment.

Someone was seated inside the SUV, but he did not get out of the car.

Kirin moved forward and addressed the crowd. \”First of all, I want to welcome everyone to the training camp’s opening ceremony. Next, I have a statement to announce. The God of War himself is seated inside the car. But there are privacy rules to follow in the army. Non-military personnel are not allowed to meet with him.\”

Everyone was well aware of the privacy rules, but they could not help feeling a little regretful for missing the opportunity to meet with the God of War. Even Will Ramos was disheartened.

Kirin added, \”However, the God of War will meet with the newcomers later.\”

The passion returned to Will’s deadpan eyes instantaneously. I can finally meet my idol!

The friends and families of the participants stared intently at the SUV in an attempt to discern the God of War’s figure. Pamela Rogers and Bailey Black did that too.

Pamela even put on a pair of glasses to aid with her eyesight.

Abigail looked in the direction of the SUV curiously as well.

Suddenly, she exclaimed subconsciously, \”Why does he resemble my brother-in-law?\”

Pamela was shocked. \”You think so too? That man inside the car does look like Levi Garrison!\”

\”Let me see!\” Bailey Black put on his glasses and narrowed his eyes at the SUV. \”I think this person does look similar to him too!\”

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