The Protector novel Chapter 107

Howard and the other subordinates put on a menacing smile. No one has ever escaped a terrible fate after being targeted by Mr. Rogers. Any man who offends him is either dead or crippled.

He has never failed to obtain any girl he’s interested in either. This is the first time Mr. Rogers is so fixated on targeting someone. Levi Garrison and Zoey Lopez will end up with a worse outcome than 6 years ago, and there will be no way for them to escape this time.

Howard said, \”Levi is extremely lucky recently, Mr. Rogers. He encountered the Azure Dragon a few times and even met with the God of War yesterday.\”

Jealousy glinted in Oswald’s eyes. \”You’re right. He is lucky. I envy his luck to get to meet with the God of War. He stumbled into the man even the richest men in the entire North Hampton like us have never met once. However, Levi also met with me. Our meeting will be the start of his endless nightmares!\”

That embarrassing incident involving the Lopez family spread like wildfire as they expected. Everyone in the family could no longer hold their heads high.

Aaron and Caitlyn were also ridiculed by their colleagues.

Zoey did not escape a similar fate. Her friends were deliberately mocking her as well. This is all Levi’s fault. Luckily, we are no longer staying with my parents. Otherwise, there will be no end to the insults directed at him. Nonetheless, I am glad that Levi is still alive despite our current circumstances.

Levi left the house early in the morning that day, while Zoey went to work as usual.

He visited Kirin’s training base.

All 80 mercenaries hired by Rick Garrison the other day were captured by Kirin and brought to the training base because Levi had a task for those people.

He wanted to keep the mercenaries by his side because it was a hassle for him to transfer men from the North Hampton warzone to do his bidding all the time. Levi was preparing for the future troubles he had to face.

James and the other mercenaries were beyond shocked to receive the offer to become the God of War’s bodyguards. We are all familiar with the God of War’s legendary achievements and title. He is our motivation to survive in every warzone. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve him will bring honor to our family!

\”I’ve assigned these people to serve you, sir! I also selected a few outstanding soldiers from the few warzones nearby to form a Special Operations Regiment. So I will need your consent by signing on this order,\” Kirin said with a smile.

Kirin was a man who was addicted to training soldiers into elite members of the special troop during his leisure time.

\”Hand the papers to me. I’ll sign it.\”

\”By the way, will you attend our first practice, Sir? The newbies can admire you at that time!\”

\”Okay.\” Levi agreed.

Then he left after he was done assigning the tasks to the mercenaries.

Levi saw Abigail in the house when he returned to the Bayview Garden. \”Don’t you have class today?\” Levi asked in surprise.

\”There’s no point attending those classes because I am already familiar with the content. I am very smart, after all.\” Abigail sipped on her yogurt drink while pacing around the living room in her shorts.

\”Oh! My parents will visit North Hampton tomorrow. I will treat my aunt and the others to a meal as well. You must join us, Levi!\” Abigail said cheerfully.

\”Okay.\” I heard Caitlyn came from an influential family. She disregarded the Black family’s opposition and married Aaron of her own accord. Her action infuriated them. I’ve never seen Abigail previously because Caitlyn’s family never attended my wedding 6 years ago.

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