The Protector novel Chapter 56

\”That’s not true. How can you say that? They informed us because Levi hurt them. You need to apologize to him right away. Otherwise, they will blame us for his fault. You should take responsibility for your mess!\” Samuel said aggressively.

\”Hah.\” Zoey laughed dryly. It is so obvious that the Lopez family is behind all these, yet they want me to apologize?

\”Handle your own mess!\” Zoey turned to leave after she said her piece.

But Samuel and Shaun swiftly blocked her path to prevent her from going anywhere.

At that moment, a group of workers wearing safety helmets hurried over in their direction. The man leading the group was Nueve.

\”What’s happening here, Ms. Zoey?\” Nueve asked.

\”Stay out of this. You’re just a lowly worker.\” Samuel shoved Nueve away.

But Samuel and Shaun were flabbergasted to see Nueve’s face after he took off his helmet. \”Lord… lord Nueve… what are you doing here?\” They were in utter disbelief.

\”Beat them up.\” Nueve barked an order and countless men rushed to Nueve’s side to give Samuel and Shaun a good beating.

\”Don’t worry, Ms. Zoey. I will handle the security in the construction site from now on. No one will dare to step one toe out of line in this place.\”

After that, The Lopez family guessed there was a friendly connection between Nueve and Levi since they stayed in the same prison.

On the other hand, Levi decided to look past that matter temporarily for Zoey’s sake.

Soon it was the 7th, the last day of a long holiday.

Chloe contacted Levi to remind him to attend the high school reunion.

\”I am going to attend a high school reunion now. So I might return home a little late tonight.\”

Levi and Zoey were not in the same class during high school. Moreover, Zoey was busy, so she did not have the time to attend the gathering.

\”Alright. Go ahead then. Are you sure you want to wear that outfit?\” Zoey had to ask after she saw the casual clothes on Levi.

Levi shrugged. \”It’s fine.\”

Levi saw Chloe exited the sales center after he walked out of the neighborhood.

Chloe drove her car in Levi’s direction after he waved at her.

She’s driving a Porsche Panamera. Her future husband will be a remarkable man, judging from this expensive car she bought for herself at this young age. At the very least, her future husband must be an executive from a large company or multinational corporation because an Average Joe will not satisfy someone like her. Levi thought to himself.

Chloe got out of the car and asked with a smile. \”I thought you would bring Zoey to the reunion?\”

\”She’s busy, and it’s not her class anyway. So there’s no need for her to tag along.\” Levi explained.

\”Why don’t we go together?\” Chloe sounded Levi out.

\”Sure.\” Levi had originally wanted to call Azure Dragon to send the car over after he exited the neighborhood. But he changed his mind after seeing Chloe.

Chloe thought Levi did not want to drive because of the inconvenience. I will not be surprised even if he drives a car that’s worth a billion. He did spend fifty million so casually, after all. Actually, he’s handsome even if he takes a cab. That’s the way wealthy people try to experience a commoner’s life. There will always be an explanation to justify Levi’s actions because he’s a billionaire.

\”Were you released from prison a long time ago?\” Chloe asked curiously.

Levi was a little surprised. She’s the first person to raise suspicion about my early release.

\”You’re right.\” Levi answered.

\”What kind of business have you been doing all these years?\” Chloe fixated her gaze on Levi despite her duty as the driver.

\”I’ve been dealing with firearms…\” Levi said. Firearms are the most common things within my reach in the last few years. It’s not a bad idea to use it as a cover up since I’m familiar with the topic.

\”Oh! No wonder!\”

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