My Mute Bride Novel Chapter 14 She Must Repay Such an Act of Great Kindness! (Rachel Hudson and Justin Burton novel)

Rachel was shocked. Who is helping me? she thought to herself. She wrote down on the paper, ‘Sir, could you tell me who paid the money so that I can thank the person?’

After recalling how Julian had told him not to let it slip, the hospital director could only refuse with a smile, “I’m sorry, Miss Hudson, but the person forbade our hospital to reveal his name, so please forgive me for withholding the information.”

Rachel nodded in disappointment. On her way back, she kept thinking about this. Out of the people she knew, no one could have helped her to pay the money in full. No matter how hard she racked her brains, she couldn’t figure out who it was. Even though she didn’t understand why the person wanted to help her, she had to repay such an act of great kindness! I don’t need to worry. I’ll find a way to find the benefactor in the future either way, she thought to herself.
The car soon returned to the Burton Residence. At that moment, the sky gradually darkened; no sooner had Rachel arrived did Julian come back as well. As luck would have it, they met again in the living hall. “I was about to pick you up and send you back, Miss Hudson. I searched all over the hospital, but I didn’t find you; it wasn’t until I asked the nurse that I learned you had left,” said Julian as he greeted her with a smile. For some reason, seeing the fair and beautiful face before his eyes put him in a good mood. It was as if all the fatigue he felt after spending an entire day operating on patients had been swept away.

Rachel smiled apologetically and wrote to him. ‘Thank you, Dr. Peters. I had something else to attend to, so I left first.’
Julian waved his hand and smiled, revealing his white and shiny regular teeth, Meanwhile, his eyes sparkled as though there were stars in them. “You don’t have to thank me since it’s nothing. I can give you a lift again if you want to go to the hospital in the future. It’s all right.”

Rachel truly thought that Julian was very kind as he was the only person in the Burton Residence who had shown her kindness. He was Sue’s son, but the mother and son were unlike each other. Compared to the stern Sue, Julian had an unusually great affability that made people unconsciously feel drawn to him. She wrote, ‘The hospital director said that my grandmother’s surgery has been scheduled for next Monday. Are you going to be the chief surgeon, Dr. Peters?’
Julian nodded with a smile at the sight of her beautiful handwriting. “Yes. Please be rest assured, for your grandmother will make a full recovery after the surgery.”

Rachel smiled in relief upon hearing his words.

They chatted for a while before Rachel went upstairs. As soon as she entered her room, she saw Justin sitting on the sofa. He lit a cigarette with dexterity while fiddling with the cigarette case and lighter in his hand. His expression was cryptic and hard to discern in the curling white smoke, causing the atmosphere in the entire room to be extremely strange.

Rachel was a bit surprised. They had met by chance outside the kitchen last time, so could this be a chance encounter too? But if this encounter happened by chance, why would he make a special effort to show up in her room?

Just then, Justin stood up from the sofa, moved close to her, and lowered his head. “You had fun outside with Julian for the entire day; when you came back, you two exchanged glances and chatted for a long time downstairs. You look soft and weak, Rachel, but I didn’t expect you to be so ambitious as to have designs on Julian.”

Rachel’s expression changed. She quickly took out her pen and paper and explained, ‘It’s not what you think it is. Julian is my grandmother’s chief surgeon, and we were talking about my grandmother’s condition.”

Justin took the paper and glanced indifferently at the words on it. Then, he tore it with both hands and threw it to the floor. His brow darkened, and his eyes were deep and chilling. “Do you think I’m blind?” he asked. This woman has never smiled ever since she came to the Burton Residence, yet she smiled more happily than ever at Julian downstairs just now. On the other hand, Julian was looking at her as if he was looking at the woman he loved. Only a fool would believe there’s nothing fishy about this! he thought to himself. “You couldn’t take advantage of me, so you approached Julian instead. Do you think he’ll really love you? Do you think he’ll really love a mute who is no longer a virgin?”
Rachel’s face suddenly turned pale. There’s nothing between Julian and me, so why would he misunderstand me? Is it fun to insult me in such a way? she thought to herself.

She was no longer in the mood to explain herself. Just let him believe whatever he thinks. Her expression turned cold. Not wanting to argue with Justin, she walked past him and moved ahead, but he suddenly grabbed her wrist!

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