The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 19 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Natalie cast a skeptical look at the realtor and pulled Sebastian closer to her side.

“How is that possible? Is he a fraud?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the realtor.” Sebastian looked at the realtor.

“That’s true.Mrs.Klein, your husband inquired about the situation.The owner of the house is desperate to rent out the house, so he is willing to lower the rent.”

The realtor wiped the sweat on his forehead.

The man wasn’t a realtor but was pretending to be one under Sebastian’s orders.

He hoped that Natalie would be dumb enough to believe him If he made any mistakes and Natalie suspected him, he would lose his job.

“Okay, thank you. Do you mind if we looked around the house one more time?”

Although Natalie sounded polite, she had become vigilant.

She walked into the rooms and carefully inspected them.

Leaning against the door, Sebastian saw her looking around the house and rummaging through the cabinets and drawers.

“What are you doing? he asked in a hushed voice.

Natalie was still worried, so she even checked under the beds.

Then, she parted the dust on her dress and stood up.

“Something seems fishy.The rent of a house like this can’t be this cheap.Perhaps this house is haunted, or someone has died here.We have to check it properly.” Sebastian was speechless.

He stepped closer to her and gently wiped the dust on her face.

“There is dust on your face.”

He dusted his dirty fingers and frowned.

“You are overthinking.Perhaps the landlord is having a financial crisis.”

The apartment was Sebastian’s property.He knew his house well.

Natalie’s skin prickled as his touch left a burning trail on her cheek.

She quickly wiped her face and turned around.

“You’re too naive.I feel something is wrong with the house.Otherwise, they wouldn’t rent it at such a cheap rate.And if that’s the case, I have to go and bargain with the realtor.”

She rolled up her sleeves and trotted to the living room.

“One hundred bucks.What do you say?”

‘What? One hundred bucks a month for an apparent like this? That’s unbelievable.

The man looked dumbfounded.

However, the apartment didn’t belong to him, so he couldn’t finalize the rent.

“Mrs.Klein, I’m actually surprised to hear your offer.However, this house isn’t mine.I need to check it with the landlord of the house.”

He walked out of the room with his phone on the pretext of making a phone call.

Taking the opportunity, he winked at Sebastian to ask for his opinion.

Sebastian understood his gesture and agreed without hesitation.

Natalie was a little nervous.

After all, she knew her offer was definitely unacceptable. A few minutes later, the realtor returned with a smile.

“The landlord has agreed.”

Natalie’s mouth popped open in shock.

She tried slashing the price but didn’t think the landlord would actually agree. She blinked at Sebastian.

Sebastian coughed and walked up to her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think this is an ordinary haunted house.I think something extremely terrible must have happened here before.Otherwise, why would the landlord agree to rent it at only a hundred dollars?”

Her hot breath blowing in his ear seemed to distract Sebastian.

After a moment’s hesitation, he blinked and asked, “Do you want to find another house?”

“No.We are lucky to have found such an affordable house.I won’t let go of it.”

“Aren’t you afraid it might be a haunted house?”

“Nope.The rent is unbelievable.Even if there are ghosts in the house, I don’t mind inviting them for dinner” Natalie said intently Sebastian had never seen anyone willing to move into a haunted house just because the rent was cheap He narrowed his eyes and pinched Natalie’s cheek.

“Wow! You’re brave.”

He gulped, surprised by the softness of her cheeks, “Sebastian, it hurts!”

Natalie’s face turned red.She stood on tiptoe to grab his face.

However, Sebastian towered before her, so he quickly stepped back.

Natalie couldn’t even touch his chin.

“Let me go! Sebastian! I’m angry.”

“Don’t move.There is still dust on your face.I’m just wiping it for you.”

The smile on his face widened as he looked at her.

‘How could she be so cute?’ he thought.

Natalie and Sebastian moved into the apartment the next day.

It was more convenient for her to go to work She could save all her commuting time.

In her spare time, Natalie accepted freelancing design gigs to earn extra money During weekends, she went to the hospital to see Hannah.

“Hannah, I have planned to transfer you to a better hospital for treatment.The hospitals in the city are more advanced then this one.It would also be convenient for me to meet you often,” she said while peeling an apple Hannah had raised Natalie.

The old woman was all she had “The hospitals there will be too expensive.I’m fine here.”

Hannah shook her head Her hair had already turned white.

Hannah was only in her sixties, yet she looked older because of her illness, Hannah knew that Natalie lived a hard life even though she never openly discussed her problems

“I’ve found a new job.I can handle it.Don’t worry about me.”

Natalie smiled and handed the plateful of apple slices to Hannah. “Eat the apple.”

She knew the medical expenses would double if Hannah moved to a better hospital in the city Natalie didn’t have enough money.

After leaving the hospital, Natalie immediately called George and Lauren.

But neither of them answered, She had no choice but to go to the Quinn family’s house again.

“Are you insane? Why are you constantly ringing the doorbell?”

Minutes later, the maid opened the door and yawned.She seemed annoyed that Natalie had disturbed her sleep.

“Let me in! I’m looking for George and Lauren!”

“The entire family is on a vacation to the Maldives.They’re not at home.”

“When will they come back?” Natalie asked anxiously.

Lauren said she didn’t have the money to pay the agreed money.How could they go on vacation to the Maldives?

“I don’t know.Go ask them!” The maid slammed the door.

Natalie stared at the door and kicked it.Her body trembled with rage.

“You lying bastards! All of you will rot in hell!”

The Quinn family had gone to the Maldives.

Regardless of whether it was true or not, Natalie couldn’t get in touch with them.She had to think of a way to pay Hannah’s medical bills.

Perhaps God had sensed that Natalie needed money.

As soon as Natalie opened her browser, she saw an advertisement about a hospital looking for volunteers for clinical trials to come up with tumor drugs.

They were paying the subjects a thousand dollars for staying in the hospital for a few days and trying out the medicines.

In case the drug had repercussions on the subject’s body, they would get about ten to forty thousand dollars as compensation, depending on the seriousness of the problem. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for Natalie.

She was young and healthy.

Even if the medicines had any side effects, they wouldn’t harm her that much.

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