My Mute Bride Novel Chapter 6 Remaining Silent in Response to Changes (Rachel Hudson and Justin Burton novel)

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Hudson Residence was tense. After answering the phone call, Jefferey paced back and forth in the living room with a sullen look on his face.

Just then, Amber came back from outside and was puzzled at the sight of this. “Dad?”

Jefferey smashed a mug in anger. “What an idiot Rachel is! The photos of the contract she sent to me are all fake! She must have been caught by Justin! I was actually careless! The company’s share prices have plummeted, and it won’t be long before the company loses more than tens of millions.”

Amber was so shocked that she dropped the handbag in her hand. She asked hurriedly, “How did this happen? Are there any solutions?”

Jefferey thought for a long time with a grim expression. Then, he looked at her meaningfully and said, “Only you can help me, Amber.”


Jefferey nodded. “Yes. Rachel probably angered Justin by marrying him in your stead, which is why he’s taking revenge on us Hudsons in such a way. Unfortunately, I’m not someone at his disposal! Amber, don’t you fancy Sue’s son, Julian? As long as you can make him side with you, I’ll have a way to help him gain possession of Justin’s entire wealth. By then, wouldn’t everything the Burtons own belong to our family instead? Ha… Since Justin has the guts to treat me like this, I’ll make him pay a heavy price!”

“Can you really ruin Justin, Dad?”

When he saw how his daughter doubted his words, Jefferey sneered and said, “Of course. With Rachel as my pawn, what should I be afraid of? Hence, you must go to the Burton Residence as soon as possible—you must waste no time.”

However, Amber instantly hesitated when she heard Jefferey asking her to go to the Burton Residence. “Here’s the thing, Dad… I have no problem with seducing Julian. After all, I don’t mind doing so since he’s an excellent young man, but… what if that ugly monster named Justin takes liberties with me? I heard that he likes me, so I’m afraid that he might take advantage of me, Dad.”

Since Jefferey knew what she was worried about, he patted her hand and comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry. Butter Sue up first when you’re at the Burton Residence. If Justin does something to you, ask Rachel to come out and act as your shield—she wouldn’t dare to refuse helping you. Moreover, you can take advantage of her to make Julian yours.”
Amber bit her lip in reluctance. In the end, however, she agreed to it for the sake of her family’s business.

When Rachel got up in the morning, she found that Justin hadn’t come back all night. As such, she breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t know how to face him at present, so she felt more relieved by not seeing him for the time being.

She was combing her hair in front of the mirror when a servant suddenly barged into the room and took her stuff out of the master bedroom right away without saying a word. ‘What are you doing?’ Rachel signed in confusion. To her horror, the servant replied with a contemptuous smile, “Young Master Justin said that you are to stay in the room in the side wing, and you shall not get close to the master bedroom from now on!”

Rachel was stunned. She didn’t expect Justin to continue holding her accountable for last night, but he had no intention of letting her off easily at all. Now, he had driven her out of the bedroom.

With that, Rachel carried her stuff and went to the furthest room under the servant’s mocking gaze. Since Justin didn’t allow her to get close to him, she would stay as far away from him as possible.

At present, everyone in the Burton Residence knew that Justin had thrown his newly married wife out of the master bedroom, so everyone looked at the woman with mockery wherever she went. Even Sue looked at her gloatingly as if she had already guessed what would happen to her. “How is it? It’s not that easy being the wife of the Burton Family. It’s not too late to leave right now, you know.”

Every word Sue said implied that Rachel should get lost. However, the latter remained silent in her own way, and it felt as though she couldn’t understand what Sue was saying at all. It was her way of using silence as a countermeasure, but Sue gnashed her teeth in anger. “You’re quite stubborn for a mute who can’t speak. I’ll see how long you can hang on!”

No one in the Hudson Family had come to visit Rachel ever since she came to the Burton Residence, and no one even cared or asked about her. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Rachel was spurned in the Hudson Family, and this made Sue confident enough to bully her as if justice was on her side.

Rachel was in no mood to tangle with Sue, so she stayed quietly in the room in the wing, never stirring from her own turf. However, Amber suddenly came not long after that.

As soon as Amber arrived, she was chased away by a frigid-looking Sue. “How dare you have the cheek to come to the Burton Residence? Get out, please.”

However, Amber’s purpose this time was to win Sue’s favor first. Instead of being frightened, she behaved as if she was at a loss for what to do. “I’m sorry, Madam Parham. It’s my fault for blindly listening to Rachel and agreeing to let her marry into the Burtons. Please don’t be angry, okay?”

Sue’s eyes widened when she heard something fishy about Amber’s words. “What do you mean? Make yourself clear!”

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