My Mute Bride Novel Chapter 13 You’re a Kind Person (Rachel Hudson and Justin Burton novel)

Julian’s car was a gray Infiniti; it looked very inconspicuous on the outside, and it felt as gentle and peaceful as the feeling Julian gave Rachel. It was quite the opposite of Justin, for that unfeeling man always drove a black Maybach, a luxury car worth more than 20 million that drew the eyes of the crowd. Why am I thinking about him all of a sudden? Rachel thought to herself. She bit her lower lip in vexation and looked out of the window.

Meanwhile, Sue happened to come back with Mrs. Duncan as soon as the car drove out of the Burton Residence’s gate. Mrs. Duncan was stunned for a moment and said, “Madam, was that Young Master Peters’ car just now?”

Sue nodded. “What’s wrong?”

Mrs. Duncan replied hesitantly, “I just saw… Young Mistress Rachel in the car.”

Sue’s face darkened. “Are you sure you didn’t mistake someone else for her?”

Mrs. Duncan nodded seriously. “No, I didn’t. Young Mistress Rachel was sitting in the passenger seat, and Young Master Peters was talking merrily to her.”

Sue fell silent and glanced at the outside of the gate with a gloomy look in her eyes. “Find out how they know each other.”

Meanwhile, Rachel and Julian hurried to her grandmother’s ward after they arrived at the hospital. When she arrived at the door, Rachel heard her grandmother laughing; she saw through the glass door that the nurse was telling her grandmother a joke. As she looked at her grandmother’s gentle smile, she felt warmth in her heart.

Rachel pushed the door open, and her grandmother’s eyes lit up when she raised her head and saw her. “Rae!” As she got very emotional, Rachel hurried to her side and supported her. Then, she shook her head at her and gesticulated. You’ve just gotten a little better, so you can’t get out of bed just yet. You should get some more rest.

Rachel’s grandmother could only go along with her and lay back on the bed. She replied with a smile, “I’m in good health. In fact, I feel full of strength.”

Rachel peeled an apple for her grandmother with a gentle smile. Then, she scooped it out into a bowl with a spoon, put a tiny fork that she had brought with her in the bowl, and handed it over to her grandmother.

Rachel’s grandmother was old, and her eyes were lined with wrinkles. When she saw how filial Rachel was, her eyes couldn’t help but sparkle with tears. “I have been a burden to you, my dear granddaughter.”

Rachel slowly shook her head and gestured. We’re a family, so there’s no burden to speak of. Grandma, you have to build up your health and get better as soon as possible. I still want to travel with you in the future; didn’t you say that your greatest wish is to see Mount Fuji in Japan?

Rachel’s grandmother smiled with tears in her eyes. “Fine, fine. I’ll get better as soon as possible.”

Julian sighed inwardly at the warm and touching scene before his eyes. He hadn’t had a father since he was a child, but Sue had been very attentive to him, and she had never denied him anything in terms of material needs. Even so, he was touched deeply by Rachel’s relationship with her grandmother. He comforted Rachel in a gentle voice and said, “I just talked to the nurse, Miss Burton—she said that your grandmother is fine. I’ll go to prepare the documents needed for the follow-up examination on her, so take her to my office later.”

Only then did Rachel recall that Julian was here as well. Upon realizing that she had ignored him for a moment, she felt somewhat embarrassed. Thank you, Dr. Peters. Thank you for your help over the last few days. You’re a kind person.
Julian couldn’t understand Rachel’s complicated sign language, but her grandmother explained it to him. “It’s nothing. It’s my duty anyway,” he replied with a smile.

After Julian left, Rachel’s grandmother winked at her and teased, “Is this handsome young man your boyfriend, my dear granddaughter? I have been in a coma for such a long time, so why didn’t you tell me that?”

Rachel was startled; she didn’t expect her grandmother to get the wrong idea about her relationship with Julian. Her grandmother had been comatose for such a long time and was totally unaware of what had happened to her. Moreover, she didn’t want to tell her grandmother that she had gotten married lest the latter became upset. Therefore, she shook her head and gestured to her. That’s not the case, Grandma. He is a kind-hearted doctor who has helped us.

Rachel’s grandmother was a bit disappointed, but she got over it nonetheless. My granddaughter is such an outstanding lady, so she’ll meet a partner who is truly nice to her in due time.

Rachel spent the entire afternoon with her grandmother before leaving the ward. She then went to the hospital director, intending to ask how much money would be needed for her grandmother to undergo her next major surgery. To her surprise, the hospital director replied with a smile, “Please be rest assured, Miss Hudson—someone has already paid the money on your behalf. Your grandmother’s surgery has been scheduled for next Monday, and you don’t have to pay for it again.”

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