My Mute Bride Novel Chapter 5 Has He Let Her Off? (Rachel Hudson and Justin Burton novel)

Rachel’s palms were a bit sweaty as she was still somewhat nervous. After a moment’s hesitation, she pushed the door open.

The room was dark. Lighting her way using her cell phone, she walked up to the desk until her eyes fell upon the drawer below the table. When she opened the drawer, she saw an envelope marked in red with the word ‘Property’ as she had expected.

She then picked up the envelope, feeling somewhat puzzled as to why such an important document wasn’t locked away. She quickly realized something, and her expression changed slightly. Just as she was about to leave, the lights suddenly turned on with a click. “Are you looking for this?” When the man’s apathetic and cold voice sounded, she dropped the envelope in her hand to the floor in fright.
At this moment, Justin was holding an identical envelope, whereas the envelope Rachel had dropped to the floor opened up. Is the envelope actually empty? she thought to herself in great shock.

Justin’s deep eyes were calm and inky black, but they were more like the sea before the storm with invisible waves surging underneath the sea surface. “Jefferey Hudson told you to come and take it, am I right?”

Rachel’s breaths quickened involuntarily. He knew the truth all along and was waiting to catch me in the study? Upon realizing this, she instantly felt a chill running up her spine!

Suddenly, the man stepped toward her. Her pupils shrank, and she felt like he was stepping on her heart with every step he took. Finally, he stopped in front of Rachel and looked down at her taut face. “You’re bolder than I thought,” he said, though no one knew if he was actually mocking or praising her.

Rachel smiled wryly in her heart. She wasn’t bold, but she simply had no other choice. She didn’t try her best to explain herself in front of this clever man; the harder she tried to explain herself, the more she would seem to be covering it up. The more she spoke, the more mistakes she would make as well. Hence, the only thing she could do was to remain silent.

Suddenly, Justin’s voice became extremely penetrating. “As my nominal wife, you stole the Burton Family’s trade secret. If I call the police right now, you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail.” He took out his cell phone with the number 110 displayed on its screen. His thumb hovered over the dial button, and it seemed like he was about to press it the next instant.

Rachel looked up sharply as she could no longer maintain her composure. However, Justin was still indifferent. “Are you afraid now?”

Rachel pressed her lips together with all her might as all the blood drained from her face. If I go to jail, what will happen to Grandma in the future?

Upon seeing how pathetic she looked, Justin asked with a sneer, “Do you want me to let you off?”

Rachel raised her eyes at once. Will he really be so kind-hearted?

Just as she had expected, the man smiled a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. He then said in a mocking voice, “You’re quite obedient to Jefferey. You do whatever he asks you to do, but don’t you know that this is illegal? Well, since you’re so obedient, take off your clothes right now to please me! Perhaps I can be pleased enough not to hold you accountable.”

Rachel was stunned. She was as humble and weak as an ant before this powerful man, but even an ant clung to life, let alone a living person like her. She closed her eyes forcefully. After opening her eyes again, she began to undress slowly while her hands trembled.

Justin was surprised. He had purposely mocked her in such a way, but he didn’t expect her to do as he asked. Great, I’d like to see to what extent she can go for this! he thought to himself.

Rachel first took off her coat before unbuttoning her shirt… Perhaps even God was helping her, for when she was about to take off her bra, Justin’s cell phone rang right then—Frankie was calling him. “It’s been arranged, sir. Jefferey Hudson has taken the bait.”

“Uh-huh,” Justin replied softly. After hanging up the phone, he looked up at Rachel. The woman’s thin and frail body trembled as she stood there; concealed in her reddened eyes were feelings of vulnerability and sadness that she wouldn’t easily reveal. Suddenly, he lost the will to go on, and he waved his hand. “That’s enough. Your long face is disgusting, so get out.”

Rachel froze in place at his sudden change of mind, her hands still on her bra as she was about to unclasp it.
Justin impatiently urged, “What are you waiting for? Get out!”

Only then did the sudden realization dawn on Rachel. Is he actually… letting me off? She quickly got up and left, not daring to stay even a second longer.

After returning to her room, Rachel was in a constant state of trepidation since she feared that Justin might suddenly change his mind again. She waited in fear until it was 12.00AM, and she gradually felt relieved when she didn’t see the man coming back.

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