My Mute Bride Novel Chapter 18 Innocence Will Prove Itself (Rachel Hudson and Justin Burton novel)

“Please don’t blame my sister, Madam Parham. It’s all in the past. Rachel was young, and she didn’t know any better. It was only because of a slip in judgment that she—”
Amber pretended to beg for mercy on Rachel’s behalf. In truth, however, she was deliberately fanning the flames.
Just as she wanted, those words instantly drew Sue’s ire. She grabbed Amber’s hand and interrupted her by saying, “You’re still speaking up for her, Amber? She plotted to steal your fiance, and she also has no sense of propriety. A woman like her is practically sullying the Burtons’ name!”
Sue got more and more worked up as she continued. She then pointed at Rachel. “You’d better scram right now! You—”
Sue still had more words to say, but then Justin stopped her with a gesture. His gaze darkened as he immediately gripped Rachel’s wrist and coldly tossed a few words her way. “You there. Follow me.”
He didn’t even give her a chance to respond.
Justin was exceptionally strong, and Rachel felt like her wrist was about to be broken from being squeezed in his hand. He dragged Rachel back to his room and slammed the door before swinging her onto the bed.

Rachel fell clumsily, for the sudden movement made her head spin. Just as she was about to get up from the bed, Justin pressed down on her and locked her firmly underneath his body.
What is he planning to do?
Panic immediately colored Rachel’s eyes, and she couldn’t stop herself from shrinking back. However, she couldn’t escape at all because Justin had her firmly pinned down.
A dangerous aura radiated from him, making her feel extremely uneasy.
“What are you hiding for? Feeling guilty already?”
Justin gave a cold chuckle, and the mocking look in his eyes intensified.
Rachel had seen that expression of his; when she heard him speak again, she promptly widened her eyes and glared back.
Justin eyed her. The cold words raining down on her head seemed to be a precursor to his fury.
“Jeffrey really did raise an obedient dog.”

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