The Protector novel Chapter 28

\”Sure. Can you find out the name of that woman in the interrogation room?\”

\”What is it? Caitlyn Black? Are you sure it’s Caitlyn Black?\”

Xavier Fields gave the name to Steven Shaw.

Steven Shaw hoicked Xavier Fields to a discreet corner when he heard the name.

\”You’ve got the wrong person! Caitlyn Black is the God of War’s mother-in-law!\”

\”What? Oh, my God!\” Xavier Fields got the shock of his life.

\”Listen, Xavier.\” Steven instructed, \”Just block any information and take it that nothing has happened today. Remember, don’t let out any word about it! I’ll inform Azure Dragon and we’ll leave it to the God of War to deal with this.\”

\”Alright, I’ll do as you say.\”

Xavier Fields was still reeling from the sudden shock. He could hardly stop the quivering in his legs.

Levi was with Zoey when he received the call from Azure Dragon. He came down to the police station after they briefed him about the matter.

He took back his wallet from Xavier Fields without making a fuss about it.

Xavier and his men could finally heave a deep sigh of relief.

\”Just leave the rest to me, God of War.\” Xavier suggested, \”I’ll follow up with Ms. Caitlyn Black and make sure everything’s back to normal.\”

Levi nodded, giving his approval.

\”You may leave now, Ms. Black!\”

Inside the interrogation room, Caitlyn was so relieved to hear those words. It brought her to tears again, however, this time, it was the tears of gratitude.

\”It was all a misunderstanding, Ms. Black. You’re free to go now, since we found out that the Officer Pass was a fake document. But please remind your son-in-law not to use such fake documents to swindle anyone, he could be arrested for it!\”

\”Sure, Officer!\” Caitlyn nodded fervently, \”I’ll make sure he gets the message!\”

\”Your son-in-law is waiting for you outside. You may leave now.\”

Caitlyn walked out of the interrogation room.

Her temper flared the moment she saw Levi standing by the counter, waiting for her.


\”Don’t call me mum, I’m not your mum!\” Caitlyn fumed, \”You almost landed me in deep shit, you fool! Why do I have such a wicked son-in-law?\”

It filled Caitlyn with resentment to be treated like a thief when they arrested her and took her to the police station. She had never been to a police station before, and never did she imagined that her first visit to the station was under such deplorable circumstances.

\”You should leave Zoey for good. You’ll only ruin her future with those dirty dealings you’ve picked up in prison!\” she ranted, \”How dare you come up with the idea of making a fake Officer Pass?\”

\”The pass was real, Mum.\” Levi scratched his nose in frustration, \”I did not carry a fake pass with me.\”

He could only blame his own carelessness, for he could have prevented the disaster.

\”What makes you say the pass is real? Do you think you’re more professional than the officers here? I bet you must have been using it to cheat and swindle innocent folks like me. You’d better not get Zoey involved in your vices, or I shall never let you get away with it!\” Caitlyn blasted out at Levi, \”I’m giving you one last chance and I’ll keep it from Aaron and Zoey about this. You’ll be out of my house for good if I catch you doing this again, you hear me?\”

Caitlyn was so full of rage she was about to explode.

\”Alright, mum.\”

With that said, they left the station and Levi sent Caitlyn back to the hospital.

When she was back at the hospital, Caitlyn was expecting everyone to cast weird glances at her at the hospital.

Contrary to her expectations, everyone behaved as if it was just an ordinary day at work.

What’s going on?

Didn’t a huge commotion happen just now? How could everyone react with such indifference?

\”Are you alright, Dr. Black? I was so worried for you. Thank God you’re back!\”

\”I know I have been mean and crude towards you in the past, and I’m terribly sorry for that.\” Jelena came up to her and said, \”I’ve backed out from competing for the post of assistant supervisor now, since I believe you’re the better candidate for the job. I’ve informed the hospital about my decision.\”

Caitlyn was completely overwhelmed when Jelena Keaton apologized to her and even offered to back down from the post of assistant supervisor.

It was a post they had both been eyeing for years!

She’s backing out from it?

What the hell is happening here?

Don’t they know I’ve just been arrested and sent to the police station? They’ve even seen it with their own eyes!

But why is everyone behaving so oddly now?

The same goes for Jelena, she seemed petrified of me.

The rest looked equally terrified too.

I could see from their faces and the look in their eyes. I could feel it!

There’s something fishy about this. I’ll check with Levi!

Caitlyn took out her phone and called Levi, \”What’s going on here, Levi? Are you hiding something from me?\”

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