The Protector novel Chapter 94

When they arrived in front of the grave, everyone simply nodded their heads to Levi and paid their respects to Morris. Then, they walked towards Rowen and his wife to offer their condolences.

Rowen used to work in the department, so he knew who these people were.

He cried tears of joy and lifted his head, smiling, \”Morris! Can you see this? Your leaders are here to pay their respects to you!\”

The elderly couple started crying.

Dozens of big shots from North Hampton paid their respects to Morris, one at a time!

Jack Smith was disappointed as he witnessed this scene!

They all seemed to have fallen into an icy cold cavern…

Gradually, they understood why Nueve and Trey would sacrifice their lives for Levi.

Jack Smith now understood why Francis Hicks did not want to come, and even warned him not to.

Francis Hicks knew about this!

We cannot get involved in this matter!

Holly, Kit and Misty saw the top leaders of North Hampton paying their respects to Morris.

They had mixed emotions in their hearts.

After all, they did not know what was in store for them.


Joseph’s legs could not stop shaking. He was speechless.

Jaycob too had no intention of seeking revenge anymore.

Rick was extremely confused.

\”This, this, this…\”

Ben was too shocked to say anything.

Winnie stared at Levi in disbelief. She did not expect this.

Bryan, Victoria and the others were all flabbergasted.

What is Levi’s actual identity?

Why are all the leaders here?

Even those with strong connections could never bring all these people together!

A million doubts and questions filled their heads.

\”My condolences, Mr. Atkinson!\”

After these big shots from North Hampton paid their respects, they left without staying any longer.

They also did not look at Jack Smith or anyone else.

This made the others present very confused.

What is happening here?

Ben laughed all of a sudden. \”I get it now! Mr. Nielsen and the others came here to pay respects to Morris out of respect for Rowen and his wife. They used to old leaders in the department after all!\”

\”That’s right. After knowing that Levi has caused such a big commotion, it is only natural for them to come here and pay their respects!\” Joseph said immediately.

Bryan also thought it through. \”If Mr. Nielsen and the others are Levi’s supporters, why did they not come and attack us, but left immediately instead?\”

\”That’s right, that must be it!\”

Jack Smith also agreed.

\”So, as long as we do not hurt Rowen’s family and touch Morris’ grave, we will be okay. As for the other people, we can do whatever we want to them!\”

Jaycob’s eyes had a murderous look in them.

He had wanted to kill and get rid of Levi a long time ago.

\”Yes! I need to make sure that Levi kneels in front of me today!\”

Joseph shook his walking stick.

The thugs recovered from the shock they experienced earlier and looked fiercely at Levi once more.

At this moment, Levi waved his hand to summon Azure Dragon and the rest to his side.

\”Tell them that we are going to act!\” Levi commanded.

\”Understood!\” Azure Dragon nodded his head.

After that, he took out a walkie-talkie and commanded, \”Act now!\”

Levi saw the Garrison family members staring blankly at him. He smiled and said, \”I’m sorry for the delay and thank you for waiting. The real dish is about to be served!\”

Bryan exclaimed, \”Levi, what tricks do you have up your sleeve again?\”


Just when Bryan stopped talking, a signal flare was launched in all directions.


Everyone was at a loss as they saw the signal flare exploding in the sky.

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