The Protector novel Chapter 113

Abigail and her parents exchanged glances with one another as a thought flashed across their minds. Could Levi Garrison be the God of War?

But they quickly erased that idea. That’s impossible. If Levi is the God of War, why did he let Aaron and Caitlyn live in such a small room? Why is Aaron still driving a Haval if his son-in-law is so capable?

\”Say, will the God of War wear a military outfit if he’s here in the army base?\” Bailey asked suddenly.

\”Of course! This is such an important ceremony.\” Abigail and her mother answered at the same time.

They did not believe the God of War to be Levi despite the resemblance in appearance.

At that moment, someone got out of the car.

That person was Azure Dragon dressed in his military outfit.

Kirin nodded in Azure Dragon’s direction when he sensed his movements.

\”That must be the God of War!\” Everyone gazed in that direction frantically.

The outsiders thought that only the God of War could trigger such respectful acknowledgement from Kirin. But they did not know it was normal for Kirin to greet Azure Dragon that way because the latter was Kirin’s senior.

Moreover, Azure Dragon’s rank was blocked by the car because he got down from the other side of the vehicle. So the crowd assumed him to be the God of War.

\”I am right! There’s no way Levi Garrison is the God of War. I am satisfied with this outcome now. We’ve finally seen the God of War’s great appearance.\” Pamela and her husband were exhilarated.

Everyone was under the impression that they had met with the actual God of War. But they did not know that Azure Dragon deliberately got out of the car to ventilate the air inside the vehicle because Levi wanted to smoke.

The opening ceremony ended quickly.

Pamela Rogers and Bailey Black had their wish fulfilled as they were acquainted with Kirin before they left.

However, they did not know that Levi had arranged for Kirin to look for Abigail on purpose. Pamela and Bailey were contented because they thought the meeting with Kirin was due to fate.

The newcomers were gathered together after their friends and families left.

Will and the other soldiers were agitated because they would be meeting the God of War now.

Levi got out of the car and walked toward the group of soldiers with Azure Dragon beside him.

Will was positioned at the back of the platoon, so he could not get a good look at the on-going scene. He barely made out the newly appeared figures.

\”Oh? That person’s silhouette looks like Levi Garrison,\” Will uttered to himself in astonishment with a frown.

Levi and Azure Dragon stood in front of the platoon.

Clarity washed over everyone when they saw Azure Dragon’s rank. He’s not the God of War. The God of War is the man standing next to him. That man in casual wear!

Kirin came to a halt in front of Levi and saluted him. \”Report, Sir! We have gathered all the newcomers. Please provide us with further instructions!\”

Kirin’s gesture had indirectly reflected Levi’s status.

Levi raised his voice firmly, \”At ease, soldiers!\”

All the newcomers made a similar and synchronized movement upon receiving the order.

Everyone panted heavily as they gazed at the God of War in awe, who was merely a few steps away from them.

Color drained from Will’s face after he discerned Levi’s face. H-H-He… He’s the God of War? I’m not mistaken, right? Levi Garrison is the God of War. No wonder he said he could attend the ceremony at will. He even mentioned the ceremony would not proceed without him…

Will’s heart was beating in his throat as adrenaline coursed through his body. He was scared out of his wits.

When he looked up, Will noticed Levi was staring at him with a smile. Fear overwhelmed him at that acknowledgement.


Will’s vision went black as he passed out on the ground.

Everyone was stunned. We are excited, but his condition is simply an exaggeration.

Levi asked coldly, \”Where is this soldier from? What’s with that terrible stamina and fragile body?\”

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