The Protector novel Chapter 49

At the Lopez family house, everyone was infuriated when they heard about Zoey’s extravagant evening.

\”Zoey had her birthday party at North Hampton City Center Revolving Restaurant. She’s really spending money as she likes now!\”

\”If it weren’t for grandpa help, I bet they wouldn’t even be able to enter the restaurant.\” Melanie roared.

Henry and Fabian were dissatisfied. \”Aaron is a disappointment! If we did not help them previously, they would be begging on the streets now, father. How dare they forget about their family after receiving that project?\”

Harry grimaced. \”I did not expect them to go against me as well. Aaron and Zoey were obedient in the past.\”

\”This is all Levi’s fault! Did you not notice the way everything is changing since Levi’s back?\” Melanie uttered.

A menacing look flashed across Samuel’s face. \”Hmph! Do they think they will be able to proceed with this project smoothly? Dream on!\”

Harry looked at Samuel puzzlingly. \”Do you have any good idea, Samuel?\”

Malicious intent glinted in Samuel’s eyes. \”They should not be handling this project since we are not participating. Don’t worry, grandpa. I am acquainted with a mafia boss. If he’s willing to help us…\”

Harry asked. \”Who’s the boss you’re talking about?\”

\”Everyone refers to him as Nueve!\” Samuel answered.

\”Oh, you’re talking about Nueve. He’s infamous for killing over a hundred people with an axe.\”

\”They say no one can match his cruelty and bloodlust.\”

\”I heard Nueve was imprisoned for three years in the same prison as Levi. He was released from jail last year.\”

Harry and the others were obviously familiar with Nueve’s name.

\”Alright. You will handle this, Samuel. I will pay for the money.\” Harry was prepared to risk everything.

At this time, Zoey, Levi, and the others were unaware of the Lopez Family’s scheme.

Zoey went to monitor the construction site in person as the project for West City Ecological Park started.

They hired a professional construction team due to their ample funding.

A few buildings were already taking shape because of their high efficiency.

That night, Zoey went to survey the site again. But she was met with a total mess as if something terrible had happened.

Zoey and Aaron jogged toward the scene hurriedly.

They saw two parties standing up against one another. On one side were the construction workers, while the other side were a group of unfamiliar thugs with scary tattoos on their bodies.

They were all carrying knives and other weapons as they closed in on the construction workers.

Following closely behind the thugs were a group of villagers.

\”What’s going on?\” Zoey and Aaron asked as soon as they arrived.

\”Ms. Lopez, they claimed themselves to be ex-residents in this area. They are here to create trouble because of the on-going demolition. They destroyed our constructs and even harmed us.\” The team leader of the construction site exclaimed. \”This is so scary! They are evidently thugs who do not belong to this village.\”

Zoey and Aaron shifted their gazes in the other direction.

The people on the opposite side did resembled criminals who were recently released from prison. Not only that, they gave off a sinister vibe as if they were, in fact, murderers.

\”I am the boss of this project. Talk to me if you have any dissatisfaction.\” Zoey addressed the crowd bravely.

The person leading the thugs was a muscular man with tanned skin. Horrible scars covered his face, shoulders, and body.

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