The Protector novel Chapter 110

\”Okay. We are attending the ceremony for sure! This is awesome! What if I am lucky enough to become acquainted with the God of War? I will be treated with respect even in the Rogers family if that happens.\” Pamela began to imagine a better life in her mind.

\”We are so jealous of you. This kind of opportunity will never be available to us even after many lifetimes.\” Aaron and Caitlyn envied Abigail and her parents because they wanted to meet with those legendary figures as well.

Zoey, on the other hand, was unfazed.

Pamela said arrogantly, \”Well, we can’t help you with that, Caitlyn. This ceremony is not available to everyone, after all.\”

However, Levi voiced out nonchalantly all of a sudden. \”It’s just an opening ceremony for a training camp. We can attend whenever we want.\”

Dreadful silence filled the room as they looked at Levi after he spoke.

Even Zoey frowned at him. He’s not able to change his bad habit of talking big even now.

Will burst out with laughter. \”Hahaha… what did you say? You can attend whenever you want? What a joke! Do you know the qualifications required to be shortlisted for this training camp? Only the top ten most outstanding soldiers from each warzone are selected. Who are you to join the ceremony anyway, Mr. Nobody?\”

Levi chuckled. \”I can go because someone invited me. He even told me the ceremony would not proceed without me.\”

Bailey and Pamela’s faces were contorted with rage as they glowered at Levi.

Aaron and Caitlyn grimaced while Zoey lowered her head, desperate to find a place to hide. He’s getting more and more ridiculous. The opening ceremony cannot proceed without him? I do not expect anyone to believe him because even I can’t bring myself to listen to him.

Abigail thought Levi was boasting too much as well. She was embarrassed by his brazenness too.

Will laughed out loud. \”You’re hilarious! The ceremony cannot proceed without you? Do you think you’re the King of War, Kirin, or the God of War?\”

Pamela gazed at Caitlyn and Aaron solemnly. \”I am worried about the well-being of your family. This is unacceptable!\”

Aaron exploded with rage. \”What did I tell you last night? Did I not ask you to behave and stop daydreaming? Are you disregarding my words now?\”

\”We shouldn’t have brought you here in the first place. You bring nothing but shame to our family.\” Caitlyn glared at Levi fiercely.

Levi sneered. \”You can say all you want, but I will attend the ceremony anyway.\”


Bailey slammed on the table furiously. \”Is this how your son-in-law behaves, Aaron? He’s not respecting us at all!\”

Pamela was upset as well. \”We don’t have to finish this dinner if your son-in-law is so capable! I’m afraid we are too lowly to share a table with your family’s high and mighty status. Let’s go! We’re not staying here any longer.\”

No one expected the sudden turn of events as the dinner ended disastrously.

Aaron and Caitlyn were startled. We wanted to seize this opportunity to mend my relationship with the Black family with their help. But Levi had to ruin everything as always.

Colors drained from their faces. \”Please console your parents, Abigail. This is all our fault. We will apologize to them personally after your parents’ anger subside.\” The couple placed their hopes on Abigail.

\”Okay. Leave it to me.\” Abigail glanced at Levi with complicated emotions in her eyes.

Will leaned against the door and jeered at Levi. \”I hope to see you at the opening ceremony the day after tomorrow.\”

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