The Protector novel

The Protector novel Chapter 122


Six years ago, he was the best of the best but was framed, incapacitated, and imprisoned. His wife suffered because of him.

Six years later, he is now the God of War with immense wealth and power. Standing at the pinnacle of martial arts, he holds her hand in his and rules the world.

The Protector novel Chapter 122

Caitlyn sighed. “But the problem is Zoey. If she finds out, she definitely will not agree to this.”

“We’ll just hide from her then and tell her that the casino is giving us a few more days. We’ll trick Levi to come over and have him go in my stead,” Aaron said.

“Then we’ll have to call Dad and the others over to impose a little pressure on him. They’ve been looking for him all day, but to no avail,” Caitlyn said.

Aaron quickly made the arrangements.

After learning the news of the postponement for a few days, Zoey was much more relieved, but she didn’t stop looking for solutions.

When Harry heard that Levi had been found, he immediately rushed over.

Thereafter, Aaron gave Enzo a call, asking if he could let Levi take his place.

To his surprise, Enzo agreed at once.

After hanging up, Enzo called Oswald.

“Mr. Rogers, you were right. The Lopez family is using Levi as a substitute.”

“Okay. Let’s make it a slow and terrible ordeal for Levi. Send me the footage of his fingers chopped off tomorrow!”

Oswald’s cold and crazed voice sounded from over the phone.

Levi’s investigation was beginning to take shape when Aaron called.

“Levi, come quick! Things have changed! Come straight to the casino!”

Hanging up the phone, Levi made a beeline for the casino. He realized Harry and the others were there when he arrived.

Upon seeing him, they charged forward, pushing and shoving him.

“What the hell? Did you lose three hundred thousand in gambling? You’ve f**king ruined the Lopez family!”

“You’re going to destroy the Lopez family! I’m going to kill you!”

Utterly confused, Levi stared at the crowd incredulously.

Me, gambling?

It dawned on him that Aaron and Caitlyn had put the blame on him when he noticed their unnatural demeanor from afar.

Thus, it was inevitable that Harry and the others would vent their anger on him as they didn’t know the truth.

Aaron seized the chance to come forward, scolding, “Take responsibility for what you’ve done, Levi!”

“Yeah! Take care of it yourself!”

The mass put in their two pennyworth.

Aaron pulled Levi to a side and said sternly, “You will go to meet Mr. Enzo on my behalf later! Or I’ll get Zoey to divorce you if you refuse! I have your marriage certificate and household registration in my hands, so I mean what I say!”

“You’ll be our best son-in-law if you go in Aaron’s stead!” Caitlyn added. “We won’t cast you aside even if you’ve lost all your fingers. Zoey and we will support you for the rest of your life!”

“Yeah, hurry up and agree! It doesn’t matter if you lose a finger anyway,” Aaron said in a low voice.


What a disappointment!

Levi could only feel the indifference and coldness of humanity.

How could they do this to me when the chips are down?!

If it weren’t for Zoey, he wouldn’t have wanted to stay in this home.

However, Aaron and Caitlyn had no other choice.

“What are you people hesitating for? Send him out and let him take care of everything!” Harry urged.

At this moment, Enzo came with his men, surrounding Levi and the others.

“He’ll go!”

Before Levi could react, he was pushed out by Aaron and Caitlyn.

“Levi Garrison, right? Take him away!” said Enzo with a sneer.

With that, Levi was taken away by Enzo’s followers.

Aaron and Caitlyn heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go now before we get dragged into this!”

Aaron and Caitlyn departed instantly, afraid that Enzo would go back on his words.

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