The Protector novel Chapter 60

Lina and Chloe were already in an upright position.

Chloe signaled Levi relentlessly with her eyes. I know Levi is very wealthy and has connections. But he’s facing Stephan Simmons now, the son of the district council’s chief. I do not think Levi has the capability to stand against that kind of authority. North Hampton is a commercial zone, so the district’s chief has an unimaginable influence in this area.

\”What are you doing just sitting there, Levi? Get up immediately!\”

\”Do you expect Stephan to greet you instead?\”

Wayne and Robin gave Levi an earful for the way he was behaving. They even had the urge to drag Levi off his seat.

Jed grimaced as well. \”You should show some proper manners, Levi.\”

Levi merely lit a cigarette and took a puff while disregarding the farce occurring before his eyes.

Fury glinted in Stephan’s eyes as he looked at Levi.

His rage intensified upon noticing the pretty ladies sitting on Levi’s sides. I’ve always wanted to sleep with Lina and Chloe. But my plans got ruined by Levi back in the day.

Everyone knew the situation was turning South upon sensing Stephan’s wrath.

Jed panicked. Levi is courting death.

Stephan’s girlfriend, Crystal, said coquettishly, \”Hubby, this person is so arrogant. He’s not taking you seriously at all.\”

Stephan’s expression turned grim. Everyone has always treated me with respect wherever I go all these years.

\”Get up! That’s not where you’re supposed to sit.\” Stephan jeered at Levi.

A dreadful silence filled the air inside the room as everyone held their breaths unwittingly. He’s done it now, nothing good ever comes from infuriating Stephan Simmons.

But Levi merely sat motionless and ignored Stephan’s existence.

\”I’ll repeat myself. Get up and get lost!\” Stephan ordered harshly. I was not afraid of Levi when he was at his peak six years ago, much less now that he’s fresh out of prison! My status is my biggest asset to back me up.

Levi puffed on his cigarette without saying a word while looking at Stephan and Crystal.

Menace flashed across Crystal’s face as she grabbed a glass of water and poured the content on Levi. \”Are you incapable of comprehending human language? It’s time for you to get lost! Are you deaf?\” Crystal shrieked.

Everyone did not expect things to progress to that stage.

Jed hurriedly tried to smooth the situation over. \”Hurry up and apologize to Stephan, Levi. Then we’ll look past this incident.\”

Wayne added. \”That’s right. Kneel on the floor and ask sincerely for Stephan’s forgiveness. I’m sure he will show you mercy.\”

Everyone condemned Levi as they sided with Stephan.

Chloe and Lina looked at the crowd incredulously. Stephan and his girlfriend are at fault here. She even poured water on Levi, yet they want Levi to kneel and apologize? This is unreasonable and unacceptable! But Stephan always assumed he was in the right because of his unique status.

Levi put out the cigarette he was smoking. Then he met with Stephan’s eyes and said casually. \”Ask your father to apologize to me in person. Otherwise, I will not let you off.\”

\”What? You want Stephan’s father to apologize to you?\”

Everyone was completely dumbfounded by Levi’s request. They were dazed for some time before slowly regaining their senses.

\”Are you crazy, Levi? Do you know who Stephan’s father is? Do you think you are qualified to receive his apology?\”

\”That’s right! Who do you think you are? Why is there a need for the district council’s chief to apologize to you?\”

\”You’re just a lowly criminal recently released from prison. Know your place!\”

Wayne, Robin, and the others were going all out to insult Levi at that point.

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