Drunken Infatuation

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Four years ago on a fateful day, Luke was framed and sent to jail after getting seduced by Yvonne.

Upon his release four years later, he decided to reclaim everything he had given Yvonne when she returned home.

Book Review

“Drunken Infatuation” is a riveting and deeply moving romance novel that explores the complexity and intensity of true love. This work stands out for its smooth story and impressive characters, which transport the reader into a world full of passion.

The story of “Drunken Infatuation” centers on Luke Saunders, who, after a series of setbacks, discovers the feeling and possibility of a great love in Yvonne Campbell. Initially unwilling to give in to this feeling, Luke Saunders discovers that Yvonne Campbell’s love is deeper than he ever imagined, forcing he to face his own fears and insecurities.

The author builds the plot deftly, developing the relationship between Drunken Infatuation with sensitivity and realism. The authors explore themes of painful love and love after marriage, showing that true love can heal wounds and change lives.

“Drunken Infatuation” is a compelling book in its handling of love and relationships with intensity and authenticity. The author makes us believe in the power of true love and confront our fears and limitations in the name of happiness.

With captivating writing and an all-encompassing story, “Drunken Infatuation” is a must-read for anyone looking for true love. Reading makes us reflect on the importance of allowing ourselves to love and be loved, even in the face of the adversities and challenges life throws at us.

Embark on the loving journey of Drunken Infatuation as the couple shows us that deep love can overcome any obstacle and change lives. “Drunken Infatuation” is a contemporary romance novel that will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all those lucky enough to share it.

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Drunken Infatuation

Free Preview of “Drunken Infatuation”

When the photo of Luke Saunders and the hot girl kissing on the ship was exposed, Yvonne Campbell had only finished showering and was doing her body care.

The news was sent to her by Nicole White, her good friend. She forwarded an official profile on Twitter, which was followed by her curses.

Yvonne could not pick up her phone, so she cast the screen onto the television.

The official profile used a few photos to create a video, accompanied by text explanations. The video played repeatedly as Yvonne applied her body lotion.

“Mr. Saunders kissed a beauty in public, and it seems like a happy occasion is about to happen!”

In the photo, the tall, slender Luke and the petite woman stood on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship, cuddling with each other.

The night was dark. Along with the strong sea breeze, their shadows seemed even more slender and dazzlingly beautiful.

Luke hugged the woman in his arms tightly. The woman’s slender waist and flexible body made it seem like she was sinking into the man’s body.

The paparazzi’s photography skills were limited. Not only did they not capture the woman’s face, but even Luke’s face was blurry. If it was not because of Yvonne’s four years of marriage with him, she would not recognize him.

Yes, she had been married for four years to this man in the news. However, it was a hidden marriage.

In the past four years, she watched him have all kinds of fun outside. Nonetheless, it was the first time he had made the headlines.

Luke was the number one big shot in Central City. Even if such a thing was captured by the media, how could someone dare to expose it without his permission? Were they seeking death?

It seemed to be big news, and people had been giving them blessings for marriage. Since Luke was not stopping it, could it be that he was serious with this woman?

Yvonne was so absorbed in her thoughts that she only realized her phone on the coffee table had been vibrating after some time.

Speak of the devil. It was a call from Luke.

He wanted Yvonne to fetch him at the port exposed in the news, half a Central City away from where she lived. Moreover, he told her to be there within an hour.

After removing her face mask and washing her face, Yvonne only put a long trench coat over her pajamas and went out.

The 3:00 AM temperature in Central City had dropped. With the cold wind brushing through her face, she could not tell whether the night wind or her heart felt cooler.

The original partner was driving to fetch her husband, who had only met up with his mistress, back home. Just thinking about it made Yvonne want to award herself a prize.

Within that one hour, she had run countless red lights, and after driving non-stop, she finally stopped at the entrance of the clubhouse.

She soon saw two figures walking out of the clubhouse from a distance. It was a man and a woman. The tall man was Luke, but she could not see the face of the slender woman clearly. However, she felt this woman was different from the other women who surrounded Luke these years. It seemed like he pampered her.

His gang of friends also came out with the two of them, but Luke insisted on holding her arm to prevent others from touching her. How much must he love her that the usually aloof Luke was willing to protect her?

Yvonne watched them and felt as if something was stuck in her throat and pulling at her heartstrings.

“You’re here?”

Luke raised his read as he stood beside the car, looking at Yvonne with a smile. With his flushed lips and white teeth, his smile was exceptionally bright.

As Yvonne nodded at him, she glanced at the woman in his arms. She had an oval-shaped face, sharp eyebrows, and red lips hooked together with a faint smile. It seemed like she was drunk. Based on her height, it was the woman in the news.

After seeing the woman’s flushed face clearly, Yvonne was taken aback. It was no wonder Luke would leave the news alone.

So it’s her.

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