The True Face of Dawn Maurier

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Dawn Maurier, the beautiful daughter of the Maurier family, had been mistakenly brought up in a small village for eighteen long years before returning to Stanton City. But upon her arrival, the city’s elite ridiculed her for being an uncultured airhead with no redeeming qualities.

However, her charm and wit quickly won over a mysterious president of a prestigious medical school who was incensed by her unfair treatment. Meanwhile, a talented racer challenged her to a thrilling race through the streets of Stanton City, and even Karl, the prince of pop, couldn’t resist mentioning her in a tweet.

As gossip spread about the true nature of Dawn’s character, paparazzi caught her sneaking into the Winter Residence, causing rumors to swirl about her relationship with the notorious Magnus Winter, a man known for his ruthless tactics and cold demeanor towards women.

As tensions mount and passions ignite, readers are left to wonder what will happen next in this captivating story. Don’t miss out on the action – read now to explore more!

Book Review

“The True Face of Dawn Maurier” is a riveting and deeply moving romance novel that explores the complexity and intensity of true love. This work stands out for its smooth story and impressive characters, which transport the reader into a world full of passion.

The story of “The True Face of Dawn Maurier” centers on Dawn Maurier, who, after a series of setbacks, discovers the feeling and possibility of a great love in the man Magnus Winter. Initially unwilling to give in to this feeling, Dawn Maurier discovers that Magnus Winter’s love is deeper than she ever imagined, forcing her to face her own fears and insecurities.

The author builds the plot deftly, developing the relationship between The True Face of Dawn Maurier with sensitivity and realism. The authors explore themes of contract marriage and weak to strong, showing that true love can heal wounds and change lives.

“The True Face of Dawn Maurier” is a compelling book in its handling of love and relationships with intensity and authenticity. The author makes us believe in the power of true love and confront our fears and limitations in the name of happiness.

With captivating writing and an all-encompassing story, “The True Face of Dawn Maurier” is a must-read for anyone looking for true love. Reading makes us reflect on the importance of allowing ourselves to love and be loved, even in the face of the adversities and challenges life throws at us.

Embark on the loving journey of The True Face of Dawn Maurier as the couple shows us that deep love can overcome any obstacle and change lives. “The True Face of Dawn Maurier” is a contemporary romance novel that will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all those lucky enough to share it.

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The True Face of Dawn Maurier

Free Preview of “The True Face of Dawn Maurier”

July sun was hot as a raging fire, scorching the whole village and its fields.

“Dawn, someone’s here to see you.”

Larry, the neighbor, found Dawn Maurier planting cucumber seeds.

Dawn looked up at Larry with her big and beautiful eyes.

She had a reserved demeanor and smooth fair skin. Even though she worked in the fields all year round, her skin was enviably beautiful.

Larry continued, “That person is in your house. She seems to be from an important family and came here in a car.”

Dawn nodded and followed Larry.

Meanwhile, many people gathered at Hooper House.

Ms. Denver, the butler from the Maurier family, was watching a young lady with an unapproachable demeanor walking into the house.

The young lady wore a linen peasant shirt with black pants. There was dirt all over her face. Although she did not smell unpleasant, it was hard to find anything likable about her appearance.

Ms. Denver asked with disdain in her eyes. “Are you Dawn?”

Dawn nodded expressionlessly.

Ms. Denver said, “I’m Melissa Denver, the butler of the Maurier family. I help the Maurier family deal with complicated matters.”

Camila Hooper, the matriarch of the Hooper family, suddenly snorted.

Ms. Denver sneered, knowing why Camila suddenly made that noise. She wants money!

Thus, Ms. Denver took out a bank card and dropped it on the table. “There’s five million in this card. They are more than any of you could hope to earn your whole life.”

Two of the village elders crossed their legs and stared at the bank card.

Hehe, who would have known this brat is worth so much money?

Camila refused to give up. “How dare you try to shut us up with only five million? We raised her for eighteen years!”

Dawn said in an unbothered tone, “Camila, just take the money. Don’t be too greedy.”

Camila glared at Dawn. “You d*mn brat. This has nothing to do with you. Also, you stink, so shut up and go get a bath.”

Camila never liked her daughter, Dawn. Dawn never did well in her studies and had a peculiar and reclusive personality. Thus, Camila could not find anything lovable about her.

Initially, she planned to marry Dawn off to earn some money. However, Dawn ran away after finishing junior high school and was nowhere to be found.

At the time, the village gossip was that Dawn had ran off with a man from another province.

That made Camila a laughingstock in the village for three years.

Therefore, she felt the sum offered was not enough to compensate for the shame she suffered in those three years.

It was a hot day, but Hooper House did not have air conditioning. Thus, Ms. Denver was impatient from the heat. She threw the card down and said, “I don’t care whether you take this money. I’m taking her away today.”

Then, she turned to Dawn and continued, “Go change your clothes. It’s disgusting!”

Dawn opened her eyes. She looked at Ms. Denver indifferently and did not say anything.

Then, she headed straight into the house.

Ms. Denver had a look of disdain.

A while later, Dawn had changed into a set of clean clothes and carried a small backpack as she walked to the car. Ms. Denver muttered, “Get in!”

Dawn remain silent and got into the car. It seemed she would not miss this village.

Despite living here for eighteen years, it was never her home. Instead, she was curious to see what her real home would be like.

Meanwhile, the villagers watched the luxury car travel away and whispered amongst themselves, “It’s like a real-life Cinderella story!”

Dawn relaxed into the car seat and tapped her hand against the window from time to time.

Suddenly, a series of ringing noises sounded. Dawn slowly took out a phone from her bag.

Ms. Denver, who was seated in front, saw from the rearview mirror that Dawn’s phone was almost as thick as a brick, prompting her eyes to flash with disdain.

Why would someone still use such an old phone in this day and age?

Dawn pressed to answer the call. An urgent voice immediately sounded from the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Dawn’s voice was that of a typical young lady, but her tone was a little cold.

However, that did not dissuade the male caller’s excitement.

“Dawn, there are major items in UN Auction tomorrow. Are you joining?”

The man sounded excited but respectful. It was as if he was talking to an elder.

That voice belonged to Dawn’s close friend, Zack Sayer. He would notify Dawn immediately if he found anything good in the country.

That was why he called to inform Dawn about the auction. After all, Dawn was famous in the auction industry for being a big buyer.

Dawn frowned. “I’m not going. I’m busy.”

She hung up right after saying that.

Ms. Denver asked, “Was that a scam call, Ms. Maurier? Scammers in Stanton City are very skilled. I believe someone like you, who lived in a village all your life, has never come across them.”

Dawn closed her eyes and did not react to what Ms. Denver said.

Scammers? Are skilled scammers something to be proud of?

Melissa thought Dawn was brooding in silence, so she said condescendingly, “The Maurier family is a well-respected family. You must change your phone once you join the family. Don’t you dare cause embarrassment to the family.”

Melissa glared at Dawn after she had spoken. However, Dawn seemed to be asleep.

It turned out her words had fallen on deaf ears.

Thus, Melissa raised her voice. “I heard you stopped attending school after you graduated from junior high school. You probably won’t understand the Maurier family rules.”

Dawn, who was supposed to be asleep, suddenly smirked.


Melissa’s tone was cold. It sounded like she was scolding a rude girl. “Oh? Do you have no manners? Is this how you speak to someone older than you?”

Dawn sneered but did not say anything.

What kind of butler dares to scold a young lady of the Maurier family?

The sneer made Melissa uncomfortable. It felt like Dawn had no regard for anything she said.

She forced herself to breathe and calm down, knowing the limits of her position. She did not say anything after that.

Meanwhile, the Maurier family was having lunch in their two-story villa.

Robert Maurier, the father, managed the Maurier family’s business well all these years.

Yasmin Davis, the mother, was a famous retired model.

Their daughter, Ashley Maurier, did well at school. She could also play the piano and paint well. Thus, she was favored by teachers and the principal of her school.

To the outsiders, the Maurier family looked perfect.

However, recently, Ashley had a health checkup for her school’s military training. The result showed her blood type was O. Robert and Yasmin both had AB blood type. Thus, it was impossible that their daughter could have an O blood type. If not for that health checkup, the Maurier family would never have found out that Ashley was not their biological daughter.

After further investigation, they found out a trainee nurse at the hospital had wrongly pasted the babies’ names years ago.

At this moment, everyone at the dining table seemed worried and engrossed in their thoughts. No one had any appetite, so the delicacies on the table remained untouched.

Ashley held a fork and suddenly broke out in tears. She put the fork down and tried to leave the dining table.

“Ashley, where are you going?” Yasmin immediately stood up to stop her.

Ashley cried profusely. “Mom, Dad, I won’t be your daughter soon.”

Robert also rushed forward and stopped Ashley from leaving. “Ashely, what are you saying? You will always be our daughter!”

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