The Trap of Revenge

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The family perished three years ago, but in return, a medical expert was born three years later with the power to save and destroy lives…

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The Trap of Revenge

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“Cole, once I gather enough money, we’ll head to Esterburn to find Dr. Howard to cure you!”

Inside a worn rental, Anna Brown smiled sweetly at the man before her.

Cole Stuart was lying in bed. He moved his lips but couldn’t make any sound.

He was the son of the richest family in Elliswall, the Stuart Family, and was able to enjoy endless glory at a young age.

However, the Stuart Family was wiped out overnight three years ago, leaving the barely surviving Cole alone and with broken limbs.

All that wealth and power was gone in one night.

He became an unwelcome presence that everyone despised.

During the worst time of his life, his fiancée, Anna, was the only one who stuck around.

Until this day, Cole could still remember that stormy night when the weak Anna carried his unconscious and battered body to this rental.

All these years, Anna had borrowed quite a lot of money to cure him.

Moreover, she had also severed ties with her family for him.

Cole would never forget her kindness.

Actually, he had found a book on a technique called the ‘Great Dragon Nirvana Scripture’ among his parents’ belongings on the night of the massacre.

Since he couldn’t move and speak, he could only recite the contents of the ‘Great Dragon Scripture’ in his mind.

However, the results were almost non-existent.

While reminiscing about the past, Cole felt his tears falling.

“Cole, what’s the matter? Don’t cry. Are you hungry? I’ll get the nutrient solution.”

Anna soon came back with a bottle of nutrient solution.

However, her hand trembled, and the bottle containing the fluids dropped onto the floor.

She quickly went over to pick it up as one bottle of nutrient solution cost over ten bucks.

They had to pay over a thousand bucks every month just for those fluids.

She couldn’t let this bottle go to waste.

Since Anna was so anxious to grab the bottle, she didn’t notice the glass shards on the floor and accidentally cut her wrist on them.

Blood immediately gushed out of her wound, but she couldn’t stop the bleeding no matter how she tried.

Then, Anna fell to the floor with a loud thump.

She was anemic and having lost quite a lot of blood caused her to faint.

When Cole saw what happened from the bed, he couldn’t do anything other than feel distressed.

At that moment, there were sounds of footsteps coming from outside.

Following that, someone kicked the door open with a bang.

A young man dressed in frivolous-looking clothes entered while covering his nose. “Anna, this dump is such a hard place to find!”

Cole immediately recognized that young man—Ezra Goodwin, owner of Goodwin Club.

Back when Cole was in his glory, Ezra was his lackey.

“What the hell! I’ve only deducted five hundred from your pay. Is that something worth suiciding for?”

When Ezra saw Anna lying on the floor with blood all over her wrist, he immediately took a step back.

“Help me!” Anna lifted her eyelids with difficulty while reaching her hand out to ask Ezra for help.

Hmph! Consider yourself lucky that I came!”

Ezra returned with a water bucket and poured water over Anna’s head.

Perhaps the heavens were looking down on them because Anna soon recovered and stopped bleeding!

At that moment, her clothes were drenched, revealing her shapely figure.

He gulped lustfully when he saw her figure and threw a plastic bag at her. “Stop playing dead and change into this. Someone has taken a fancy to you and asked to buy your virginity!”

Hearing that, Cole felt his mind go blank.

He looked at the clothes that fell from the plastic bag and saw that they were black stockings and lace underwear.

“Ezra, haven’t we agreed that I would only be accompanying the customers for drinks? No sex work?”

“Do you still want to save him?”

Walking toward Cole, Ezra smiled and patted Cole’s face.

“Anna, if you don’t earn more money while young, how do you expect this useless cripple to survive when you die? So, be good. Change your clothes and follow me to the club. I can promise you that I can forgive you for coughing blood while working. Also, I’ll personally sponsor you five thousand bucks after this to buy supplements for Cole.”

Ezra looked at the bottle of nutrient solution before kicking it away. “Or you don’t mind feeding him this thing for the rest of his life?”

Lowering her head, Anna looked at Cole on the bed and tightened her fists before sighing heavily.

“Fine. I’ll go with you!”

Meanwhile, he was using all his might to try and stop Anna, but he couldn’t move his body and could only babble like a baby.

Oh, Cole, how I admire you for having such a virtuous and ‘capable’ fiancée. Haha!”

While Ezra laughed, he took out a pair of lace underwear and wickedly placed it onto Cole’s face.

“Anna, I order you to put them on now.”

Anna paled and asked, “Can I not change into this?”

With a loud slap, Ezra raised his hand and delivered a hard slap on Anna’s face. “You’re just a b*tch, so don’t try to act innocent!”

Anna fell to the ground from the slap. She endured the pain in her cheek and kneeled before Ezra. “Ezra, please. Let me get changed in the club. I don’t want Cole to see me like this!”

Cole cared a lot about his dignity. Anna knew that Ezra wanted her to change her clothes in public to humiliate Cole and step on his last sliver of dignity.

She could endure grievances herself, but she couldn’t let anyone hurt Cole.

“What’s the point of having dignity when he’s just a useless cripple?” Ezra scolded and spat out a wad of spit onto Cole’s face.

No, stop! Anna screamed inside her head and quickly went over to clean Cole’s face, wiping Ezra’s spit while her tears dripped onto Cole’s face.

“Cole, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for not taking good care of you! I’m sorry!”

Cole’s eyes were bloodshot, and his lips trembled.

The endless grievance he suffered made him want to end Ezra’s life personally.

Meanwhile, Ezra felt extremely satisfied to see how much Cole wanted to kill him but couldn’t.

Of course, he knew he couldn’t take things too far. After all, he came here to take Anna away.

Moreover, arguing with a sick person seemed unmannered.

“Clean yourself up before coming out. I don’t want to stay another second in your pigsty.”

With a bang, Ezra slammed the door on his way out.

“Cole, wait for me. I promise to bring you to the best doctor!”

While crying, Anna exited the room and disappeared from Cole’s sight.

Cole gritted his teeth so hard his lip was punctured and started bleeding.

Just as Ezra and Anna left, a black MPV stopped in front of the rental’s entrance, and a group of men with fuel cans and a torch came down from the car.

Soon, the depilated rental was engulfed by fire.

Flames enveloped Cole’s figure as his eyes were filled with hatred.

He could hear his bones crackling from being burned by fire. He hated himself for being useless. He hated himself for being unable to get his revenge. He hated it!

“If I have another chance, I will definitely rip all you b*stards into pieces!” Cole roared as he was filled with the urge to murder.

Little did he know, the ‘Great Dragon Nirvana Scripture’ had begun surging inside him.

Then, it suddenly turned into a five-clawed golden dragon and shot inside his body.

Right then, something abnormal happened. Dark storm clouds rolled in while thunder and lightning boomed.

A loud explosion was heard, and all the buildings in the area were blown up into ruins.

A dragon’s roar shook the earth as Cole walked out from the burning building.

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