The Protector novel

The Protector novel Chapter 118


Six years ago, he was the best of the best but was framed, incapacitated, and imprisoned. His wife suffered because of him.

Six years later, he is now the God of War with immense wealth and power. Standing at the pinnacle of martial arts, he holds her hand in his and rules the world.

The Protector novel Chapter 118

Levi sized up his surroundings and said mockingly, “Why do I feel that this casino is not a place of such high standards that someone could lose 300 million in a night?”

“Hmph! That’s because your father-in-law took a great risk. He thought he could win 100 million after earning 10 million. So who is to blame for his greediness? More importantly, no one can condone his cheating behavior in this place.” Enzo waved his hand. Alex and the others were dragged forward swiftly.

“Tell them whether I’m speaking of the truth or not!” Enzo ordered.

Alex and his friends answered immediately. “Yes. That is the truth. We told Aaron to stop after he won 10 million. But he wanted to continue gambling to win more money. So he brought this on himself for losing ultimately. We did not expect him to cheat afterwards! Why do we have a friend like you, Aaron?”

Aaron looked at his friends incredulously in a daze. “All of you framed me! You set a trap to frame me!” Aaron roared.

Alex glowered at him. “Did we force you to do anything? You made all the decisions on your own accord!”

Aaron fell silent. True, no one forced me to do anything. I did everything willingly. I can only blame my own greediness.

Zoey understood that it was a set-up, so she whispered to Levi, “Should we call the cops?”

“No. Calling the cops will only worsen the situation. They might resort to desperate measures if we do that,” Levi answered.

Unfortunately, Enzo overheard their conversation. He sneered. “Call the cops? Sure, go ahead and do that. He borrowed the money from others, so we have written proof as well as the various documents he mortgaged to us. We carried out every procedure according to the law. Please feel free to contact the cops. The court will confiscate the Lopez family’s business and properties by that time!”

Everyone looked at Aaron in bewilderment.

Aaron nodded. I did mortgage the family house and business. I deliberately went to the Lopez family house to steal the documents after I lost all my money. I wanted to get the money to turn the tables around. But I lost everything instead and even incurred a 300 million debt on myself.

“Please don’t tell my father about this. He will kill me if he knows what I’ve done!” Aaron said hurriedly.

Enzo jeered at Levi and the others. “Do you want to call the cops? It’s up to you to make the decision!”

Zoey was clueless as to how she should react to the unexpected turn of events.

Levi grimaced. They clearly planned every move to target us.

“Have you made up your mind?” Enzo asked.

“We will not call the cops, and we’ll return the money. But we do not have 300 million with us right now. Can you give us a few days to collect the sum?” Zoey proposed.

“Sure. No problem!” Enzo added mockingly. “I am not worried at all. If all of you disappear, then I will look for Harry Lopez instead.”

“But can you please don’t chop off my father’s fingers?” Zoey pleaded for mercy.

“I’ll do you a favor. You can bring him away now. But for every extra day you fail to return the money, I will chop off one of his fingers…” Enzo smiled sinisterly.

“Alright. We agree.” Levi brought Aaron and his family away from the casino in the end.

Caitlyn was on the verge of tears when they reached the entrance. “What should we do? Where can we find 300 million at a moment’s notice?”

“We have no other choice but to say that we’ll return the money. This is the best we can do to delay the situation from turning south immediately,” Zoey lamented.

Aaron rebuked Levi when he saw the smiling expression on the latter’s face. “Why are you smiling? Why don’t you come up with a solution instead, you useless piece of shit! I could’ve settled this issue effortlessly if my son-in-law is a capable person. Regretfully, you are a good-for-nothing piece of crap! You are to blame for everything that has happened today!”

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