The Protector novel Chapter 86

Levi thought that Zoey had believed him, so he said immediately, \”Of course it is real! From tomorrow onwards, Levi Group will be returned to us. Isn’t it a piece of great news?\”

He stared at Zoey and said in a serious tone, \”Truth be told, I cannot stand every single one from the Lopez family! However, they are your family members after all, so I would like to give them another chance.\”

\”As long as they agree to support us tomorrow, and accept the Garrison family’s repentance and apologies, I will support them. After it is over, Levi Group will take them in and boost the status of the Lopez family in North Hampton!\”

Zoey felt really vexed listening to Levi’s boasting.

It was impossible.

Firstly, the Garrison family would not apologize.

Secondly, Levi was certainly unable to defeat the Garrison family, and would not be able to retake the Levi Group.

However, considering the last day, Zoey did not interrupt him.

\”Alright, then please give the Lopez family another chance!\”

Zoey smiled slightly.

Levi successfully got through to Harry’s phone.

\”Levi, what are you doing? Calling for help? Let me tell you, there is no way!\”

Harry’s frustration could be heard from the other end.

Levi laughed, \”For the sake of Zoey, I have called you Grandpa! I have decided to give you a chance. As long as you support me and stand by my side tomorrow, I guarantee that the Lopez family will replace the Garrison family!\”

\”Scram! Are you a lunatic? What is going on in your head?\” Harry shouted into the phone.

After that, Levi then made another call to Aaron.

In the end, Aaron gave him a harsh scolding too.

\”By the way, I will come and pick Zoey up tomorrow. If you want to court death, then go ahead on your own!\”

Beep beep beep…

Aaron hung up the call angrily.

This time round, Levi kept quiet.

The Lopez family is missing out on such a brilliant opportunity!

Zoey laughed.

It is definitely going to end up like this.

Who would believe all these?

Unless he was a fool!

Zoey teased, \”It’s alright. Rejecting you will be their greatest regret in life! We gave them the chance, but they did not want it!\”

\”Mmm, indeed. The Lopez family has missed the chance.\”

Before they slept at night, Azure Dragon called.

\”God of War! The commander-in-chief of the First Army of North Hampton just sent a message saying that everything is ready! The 100,000 soldiers are ready to go!\”

\”Good, listen to my command!\” answered Levi.

Levi and Zoey woke up very early the next day.

Then, they drove Zoey’s car to Morris’ grave.

On the way there, Zoey saw tanks passing by and a line of soldiers marching forward. The sight of it was beyond her imagination.

There was an approximate number of tens of thousands of people.

A long line of tanks had formed with no end in sight.

In addition to helicopters flying around in the sky, there were also bombers flying by at low altitude, making a loud humming sound.

Zoey was astonished. She asked, \”Is there going to be a military exercise?\”

Levi laughed and said, \”I guess so.\”

\”Isn’t it such a large scale exercise? I have never seen one with such a scale before!\”

Zoey was shocked.

Why are there bombers and cannons here?

Very soon, the both of them had arrived in front of the grave.

Nueve’s men had already prepared the grave, while Levi had also erected a tombstone.

Zoey paid her respects to Morris.

Until now, Zoey could not believe that Levi was able to defeat the Garrison family.

Was Levi going to do this alone?

She thought that Levi would find some people to help him out. Seeing that he was going to be on his own, Zoey was extremely disappointed. No, she was in despair.

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