The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 55 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Sebastian looked at her and smiled. Then, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. “I just came home after a run, so I took a shower. I didn’t know you’d come back early.”

Natalie often worked overtime and came home late.

“Put on your clothes. Otherwise, I won’t be able to talk to you.” She covered her face with one hand whilst fanning herself with the other.

It was a scorching summer day.

Sebastian chuckled, shaking his head. Then, he picked up a black shirt from the sofa and put it on. “I’m dressed now. What do you want to say?”

Natalie blew out a loud breath and walked to the sofa. She took out the invitation from her bag and sat beside him. “Our company is holding a dinner party next week. Would you be able to join me?” she asked, studying his face.

She would feel safe only if he accompanied her.

Sebastian looked at the invitation and nodded. “Sure. Anyway, I’m free that day.”

Then, his eyes widened as if he remembered something. “Well, let me just grab my jacket, and I’ll take you to buy some clothes.”

Natalie frowned in confusion. “What clothes are you going to buy?”

Sebastian quickly buttoned his shirt. The black shirt clung to his pert muscles and complimented his skin tone. “If we don’t buy clothes, what will you wear to the dinner party?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I have many dresses. I can pick something nice from my wardrobe.” Natalie frowned. “An evening dress is insanely expensive. We don’t have to waste money on that.”

Sebastian rubbed his temples and sighed. “I’ll pay for it. You can wear it for other important occasions in the future.”

“No, no! You have no idea how expensive they are.” Natalie shook her head fiercely. “Don’t buy me clothes. Otherwise, I won’t talk to you.”

“Okay, jeez. I won’t.” Sebastian rubbed her hair, amused by her response.

The dinner party of the Larson Group was held in a private hotel located at the heart of the city.

As Natalie got out of the taxi, her eyes widened in astonishment.

Luxury cars were lined up outside the hotel. People stepped out of their cars in branded clothes and jewelry. They were all big shots in the design field who had come along with their dates.

Natalie immediately frowned and looked at her dress. Her stomach flipped as she realized her outfit was too simple for the occasion. She faded in comparison to all the big wigs gracing the occasion.

Natalie realized that people born with a silver spoon had natural confidence and exuded a majestic aura.

“What’s wrong?” Sebastian got out of the taxi and closed the door. Seeing that Natalie was distracted, he placed his hand on the small of her back.

Natalie blinked and looked at him. Sebastian was wearing the same suit he had worn at their wedding. She seldom saw him dressed up this formally.

The man looked as majestic as the people attending the party. In fact, he somehow looked more regal than them. Sebastian looked calm and composed, exuding effortless confidence. Natalie couldn’t take her eyes off him.

His handsome countenance and outstanding temperament drew the attention of the people attending the party.

Natalie frowned in confusion. Sebastian had told her that he didn’t even have a decent job. How could a simple man like him emanate such a powerful aura?

“I don’t know. I have a strange feeling that I’m like Cinderella. Perhaps I’d be confronted with the truth tonight.” Natalie sighed with dejection as she nervously shifted her weight between her feet.

The people attending the party were either wealthy or influential. But Natalie was just an ordinary woman who was struggling to meet her old maid’s medical bills.

Sebastian smiled and leaned closer to Natalie. “Stop overthinking. These people could be wealthy enough to dress well for the occasion, but I’m sure they, too, have problems in life. Perhaps they are not as happy as you are. Don’t let looks deceive you,” he whispered into her ear.

“Oh, come on. Don’t joke to cheer me up. I’m not a fool.” Natalie grinned at the handsome man before her.

She didn’t realize her eyes were glinting with joy. Sebastian’s presence somehow made her feel at ease.

Sebastian was a great partner. He would always do or say something to make her happy.

However, today, his handsome countenance seemed to outshine his personality.

He was like a dazzling star, and all eyes were on him.

“All right. Stop frowning. Let’s go inside with happy faces.” Sebastian’s eyes shone with tenderness. He leaned closer and planted a soft kiss in the corner of her mouth, The cool night breeze swept across them, and the cicadas chirped.

Natalie giggled, oblivious that her curly hair had become messy because of the night breeze.

“Are you kidding me? Are you also here for the dinner party?” A shrill voice of a woman snapped Natalie out of her happy bubble.

Natalie turned around and saw Cassie glowering at her, anger and hatred evident in her eyes.

Cassie had witnessed the sweet interaction between the couple.

Natalie looked blissfully happy with Sebastian, who looked like a Greek God. They looked perfect for each other, and Cassie couldn’t bear to see that.

She hated Natalie with a vengeance and couldn’t watch her be happy. To Cassie, everyone in the world could be happy except for her.

The smile on Natalie’s face disappeared in an instant. ‘What a small world!’

“Yes.” Natalie shrugged nonchalantly.

“Are you aware of how important this dinner party is? It’s only meant for wealthy and influential people. What the hell are you doing here? You’re not qualified to attend such opulent parties.” Cassie sneered at her.

Natalie crossed her arms over her chest and glanced at Sebastian.

“Oh, really? But are you qualified to attend this party? Have you forgotten your identity?”

Sebastian’s face darkened when he saw Cassie. He fished out his phone and started texting someone.

Cassie was seething, but she had no choice but to hold back her anger.

After all, Sebastian believed that Natalie was the true heir of the Quinn family, while Cassie was the adopted daughter.

Fearing that Sebastian might find out the truth, Cassie remained silent.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Natalie.

“I’ll deal with you later.” Cassie rolled her eyes and walked toward the banquet hall of the hotel.

However, the escort at the door stopped her.

“Ma’am, please show us the invitation.”

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