The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 206 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

As the days went by, the snow in Seacisco became stronger.

At sunset, Sebastian returned from his long journey.

Snow had piled up on his black wool coat.

“Are you okay? It’s too cold outside.Have dinner first so you could warm up.Let’s go to the shopping mall once I get my salary so we can buy some clothes for you.”

Sebastian always wore this black coat.

Natalie understood that he didn’t need a lot of winter clothes, but she didn’t want him to live so poorly.

After patting off the snow from his coat, Sebastian hung it on the coat rack.

The grey sweater he wore under the coat was revealed.

It wasn’t from a luxury brand; in fact, Natalie only bought it on sale.

But because Sebastian was in good shape, the sweater looked expensive when he wore it.

“The clothes in the shopping mall are very expensive. Didn’t you just lend someone fifty thousand dollars? Let’s postpone that for now.”

Standing in the doorway, Sebastian stared at Natalie.

The dim light accentuated his handsome face.

Guilt was evident on Natalie’s face.

She was silent for a while before finally saying, “I know I shouldn’t have indulged Tyler, but I have to help him for Hannah’s sake…”

Her soft vaice gradually trailed.

Noticing that Natalie was feeling down, Sebastian walked over and stared at her with eyes brimming with affection.

Then he raised her chin and kissed her passionately.He sucked on her bottom lip, biting into it.

Just as Sebastian was about to lose control, he let go of her lips and said in a gentle tone, “I’m not blaming you.Don’t worry.I have asked my friend for help.He has talked to someone who works at the casino. They have agreed for Tyler to pay them back in installments.”

Surprised by the news, Natalie raised her head and asked, “You really know a lot of people, don’t you? Did it cost you a lot to ask your friend for help?”

Sebastian gently pinched her chin and answered, “It’s not a big deal.He happened to owe me a lot of favors.Just tell Tyler to get a job.He has to have an income to afford to pay his debt every month.In that way, he could also support himself and start anew.”

“I’ll tell Tyler the good news later. Finally, there’ll be a solution to his problem.”

Now, Natalie’s face looked livelier.

She snaked her arms around Sebastian’s waist and praised him with a smile, “You’re so smart.”

What she did made Sebastian chuckle, but he arched his eyebrows.

“Is that all I’d get?”

The smile on Natalie’s lips grew wider as she understood what he meant.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed Sebastian on the cheek.

It wasn’t enough for the latter, so he held the back of her neck and pressed his lips on hers.

With one hand on her waist, he lifted Natalie up and pressed her against the sofa.

They sucked in their breaths as Sebastian pressed himself against Natalie, letting his hand wander on her body under her clothes.

It couldn’t be denied that Natalie was greatly affected by his touch.she felt wet between her legs, wanting him.

Her flushed face also gave her away.

However, she closed her legs and said, “Not now.I have to call Tyler to tell him the news first.”

Hearing this, Sebastian’s face darkened, “Are you kidding?”

“You’re the best!”

Natalie giggled like a spoiled child and gave him a peck on the lips.

While Sebastian was in a daze, she took the opportunity to flee.

She shouted as she ran away, “l will thank you next time!”

In the end, Sebastian could only heave a sigh.He watched Natalie run away and shook his head in amusement.

As soon as Natalie entered the bedroom, she took out her phone and called Tyler. he latter’s excited voice rang in her ear.

“Have you paid them already?”

No.But I have tried my best to help you. They have agreed to let you pay your debts in installments with low interest.You just need to pay them a part of the debts every month. There’s no need for you to hurry.Just find a job and slowly pay them back.Those men won’t bother you again.”

A bright smile was plastered on Natalie’s face as he spoke, thinking that Hannah wouldn’t have to worry about Tyler anymore.

There was a brief silence before Tyler spoke again.

This time, he didn’t sound excited anymore.

“Oh, I see.”

Judging from his tone, Natalie could tell that he wasn’t happy with the news.Instead, he sounded disappointed and Bissatisfied.

When Tyler received the call from Natalie, he was happy, thinking she had repaid all his debts.

In his early years, Tyler was lured into a casino and became a gambling addict when he worked with the hooligans in the village several years ago.

Later, he moved to another place to gamble, and his debts piled up over the years.

The debt collectors were after him like predators waiting to catch their prey.

Just as Tyler wondered what to do, he heard some people from his village tell him that his mother, whom he had abandoned years ago, had a promising granddaughter.

They told him that she was working in the famous Larson Group and was the mistress of the company’s CEO.

His mother seemed to live a comfortable life because of her.

Tyler grew jealous; he felt life was unfair.

How could his mother live a good life when he was suffering? No wonder his mother hadn’t bothered to look for him.

It turned out that she lived a spectacular life and didn’t need him anymore.

The more Tyler thought about it, the angrier he became.

He had been hiding to escape from the debts, sleeping under the bridge along with beggars.

His life was no better than that of a stray dog.

Therefore, he decided to go back to his mother.

Hannah was softhearted.

If he fell on his feet and pretended to turn over a new leaf, she would forgive him in a heartbeat.

Moreover, Natalie was wealthy now.

She was the CEO’s mistress and certainly wouldn’t be short of money.

His debt was just a drop in the bucket for Natalie.

As expected, Natalie had agreed to lend him fifty thousand dollars without much hesitation.

Fifty thousand dollars was just the tip of the iceberg among his gambling debts.

He only wanted to use it to test the water and see what Natalie would do.

Fifty thousand dollars was far from enough to pay off his gambling debts that had accumulated over the years.

However, as Tyler continued to borrow money, to his surprise, Natalie refused to lend him money and said she would find a way to help him.

In fact, Tyler was surprised to find Natalie could help him in the first place.

The casino consisted of all kinds of people, and only a few would have a say on things.

He couldn’t fathom how Natalie could be so capable.

Later, after a lot of thinking, Tyler concluded that she would probably ask the CEO of the Larson Group for help.

That was how she would manage to rescue him from such a serious problem.

The Larson Group was one of the most reputed companies in the entire country.

Tyler felt it would be better if Natalie could somehow make the casino write off his gambling debts.

Keeping all this in mind, Tyler decided to let Natalie step in.

However, to his utter dismay, Natalie had called and informed him that he had to repay the debts in installments.

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