Seducing my Billionaire Uncle

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Novel titleSeducing my Billionaire Uncle
ProtagonistMia, Xavier
Number of Chapters145
Publishing platformMoboReader

After living a life fill of misfortune, Mia was finally abandoned in the prison to die by the man whose obsession made her life a living hell. But instead of dying, she went five years in the past, in the same night and arms where it all started. But instead of rejecting his advances this time, she kissed him and said, “Uncle, let me be your girl.”

Now, with the most powerful guy in the city as her weapon, she was going to get back at everyone who wronged her in her previous life.


“What Mr. Parker mean is that you can’t live.”
Just a heartless order from him and Mia’s got robbed of every single opportunity to plead not guilty. She had been living her worst life, tortured every signle day in the detention center for the past two years. Thus, his words meant nothing to her as she was already waiting for the death sentence to be pronounced.
Xavier Parker, who had been after her like some bloodlust beast had already hunted her to death three times, how could she hold on and let him kill her again?
She had been leading such a miserable life because of Jennifer McMahon’s ‘good care’ that even death seemed to not be a relief for her pain and suffering.
It was five in the morning, a distorted Mia, who had been up all night, was called out by the prison guards saying that she had a visitor who was here to see her one last time.
Mia followed the guards to the reception room, believing that the visitor was her father but when she saw her half sister Jennifer waiting for her, her heart dropped cold.
A gentle smile appeared on the latter’s face who whispered softly, “Aren’t you happy that I will be the last person you talk to before death?”
“I am going to be hanged today, still you can’t let me go. You might be smiling now but I will be the one who has the last laugh.” Mia said, her voice as hoarse as some rough sandpaper because of tiredness and lack of nutrition.
Her words seemed to have no effect on the young mistress, her smile aired coldness, “It was dad who sent me here. The family has the right to choose the way your corpse will be disposed of. As you have no good virtue accumulated and don’t deserve a funeral, we have decided to donate your body to medical school and let the students dissect you. That way, you would serve a purpose to this world and not have lived in vain.”
Mia’s grip on the hem of her uniform tightened, she couldn’t believe that her family would be so cruel to her.
Jennifer looked through her expressions and rejoiced, “Mia, this is your place and value. Moreover, I too would want to tear you down and study to see what is so special about your modest body which seduced someone as cold and indifferent as Xavier Parker.”
Mia wanted to scream and ask why they would not even spare her a whole corpse but her utterly damaged voice didn’t allow her to do so. She clenched her fists through her chained arms, even though her eyes clouded with resentment and there was a fire of hatred burning inside her, she couldn’t be loud.
“I regarded you as my sister and saw you as the best person in the whole world. I used to tell you every little thing stringing in my heart and consider you my family but you… You used me to get close to Xavier.”
Jennifer looked at Mia with a victorious posture, “It’s too late to complain. I am the daughter of the McMahon family while you are just an illegitimate daughter, as lowly as your mother who climbed on my father’s bed for money. You don’t even deserve the rats in Xavier gutters, let alone him. He loved you so much but you were not satisfied. You brought it on yourself.”
Her words were stinging Mia’s very nerves; her presence was already pissing her off and now she was even mentioning that ruthless monster who is the prime reason she was at the verge of death today. Mia said, “Enough! Speak no more.”
Jennifer smiled warmly, like a good sister as she had been portraying herself all these years. She approached Mia and helped her correct the collar of her red uniform. Mia’s face was full of bruises, the poor living condition that she had been bearing for the past two years had left her as a frame of skeleton wrapped in dry skin.
She said, “I don’t understand, he was even willing to die for you yet you hurt him, how is this not courting death?”
“The way he loved you with all his heart, he now hates you with the same passion. Don’t worry, little sister, I will take good care of the man whom you failed to cherish.”
Mia’s eyes widened, she seemed to have lost it when she used every single ounce of her energy to yell out, “Jennifer McMahon, I really want to kill you now! You are the reason I am this miserable today, you kept framing me for things I haven’t done. Are you happy now? Are you satisfied?”
The ballif saw the commotion and caught Mia’s arm to restrain her, seeing that her mood was not alright he decided to end the meeting early.
Compared to an emotionally triggered Mia, Jennifer looked rather unmoved and calm. She smiled and said word for word, “You dared to steal my title as the only descendant of the McMahon family and the man I loved, right. Here is your punishment for forgetting your place.”
Soon came the final verdict, Mia stood in the palely lit room counting her final moments. Suddenly, darkness engulfed her before everything fell silent.
Mia snapped her eyes open, she was no more in the dark cell but in a room which was dangerously familiar. Her pupils contracted in shock as her brain was puzzling.
Six years ago, Xavier made her his by force.

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