Let Me Stay The Night

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In order to uncover the truth, Christina Steele was forced to marry an unattractive and elderly heir from the Hadley family. But one night, she woke up to find that the rumored ugly man had transformed into a wealthy and handsome CEO. “Ahem, even so, you’re still not my type,” Christina declared.

“Being Mrs. Hadley has its benefits.”
“Like what?”
“Endless money, countless luxury houses.”

The big shot eagerly offered her an unlimited black card and a large set of keys.

“Not interested!”
“What about sex?” he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

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Ugh… It hurts…

Christina Steele felt as though her body had been hit by a truck when she woke up.

Upon turning over to the side, she saw the face of a handsome yet cold-looking man.

Christina was so shocked that her heart nearly stopped beating on the spot.

Her eyes widened, and her brain went blank for a good few seconds before she recalled what happened.

Oh, that’s right… Someone drugged me at the graduation party last night, and I accidentally entered this man’s room while making my escape…

The man was still fast asleep.

Christina clenched her teeth and endured the intense pain as she carefully got out of bed. The floor was a mess, and her clothes had been torn to pieces. She let out a helpless sigh as she put on the man’s white shirt and quietly left the room.

Nathaniel Hadley woke up shortly after Christina left the hotel.

He narrowed his eyes as he glanced about and saw that she was nowhere in sight.

The messy state of the room and the bloodstain on the bedsheet were proof that he had slept with a woman.

Nathaniel had become allergic to women ever since he got into an accident five years ago. Because no woman could even get close to him, people started spreading nasty rumors about him being unable to continue the family lineage.

He felt that his encounter with that unknown woman last night was a miracle of science.

Without any hesitation, he grabbed his phone and called his assistant. “Come over right this instant.”

His assistant, Sebastian Taggart, arrived in his hotel room shortly after.

“Check the footage from the surveillance cameras. I want information on the woman who was in my room last night,” Nathaniel ordered after getting dressed.


Nathaniel’s voice grew cold as he asked, “What? Is there a problem?”

Sebastian froze in shock.

But Mr. Hadley is allergic to women! He breaks out in a rash whenever he gets close to them! The three years of treatment overseas did nothing to help him, so how could he be sleeping with a woman immediately after coming back?

Of course, Sebastian didn’t dare doubt Nathaniel’s words in the slightest. “N-No problem at all!”

He was about to head out and carry out his task when Nathaniel called out to him again, “Tell the lawyer, Mr. Lozowski, to come to see me in my office.”

It was almost nine by the time Christina returned to Scenic Garden Manor.

She paused in her tracks when she saw the housekeepers cleaning the courtyard.

Now that I’ve spent the night outside, they’re bound to gossip and spread rumors about me!

While Christina was contemplating if she should avoid them, the butler made his way over.

“Ah, you’re back!”


“What happened to your clothes?”

Christina tugged at the dress shirt she had on. “Oh, I just bought it. It’s the latest design. Does it look nice on me?”

As long as I appear confident, the butler won’t dare ask me too many questions!

Although the dress shirt was a little big, it was just long enough to cover Christina’s thighs, revealing only her slender calves.

The butler simply nodded without saying anything further.

Christina straightened up and made her way toward the second floor.

The butler waited until she had entered her room before making his way to a quiet corner.

After entering the bathroom inside the bedroom, Christina immersed herself in the bathtub to relieve her pain.

“Ugh! This makes me so mad!” she muttered under her breath as she closed her eyes and recalled what had happened last night.

I’ll find out who drugged me, and I’ll make that person pay for it!

However, she changed her mind when she thought about the man she was in bed with.

No, I can’t afford to blow this out of proportion. My husband, whom I have never met despite being married to for three years now, will be returning from overseas soon. Things are going to get really problematic if he finds out that I’ve been sleeping with other men and confronts my family about it.

Christina was snapped out of her train of thought when the butler knocked on the door. “Ma’am.”


“Mr. Hadley’s—”

“He’s back?” Christina tensed up when she heard that.

So soon?

Let Me Stay The Night novel PDF Download

Let Me Stay The Night novel is a Contemporary Romance story, publish by Tapon. You can read and download Let Me Stay The Night novel full story on Tapon.

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