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The Regrettable Divorce Novel Chapter 4 Read The Room

When she thought back to Octavian staring at Isabella at the café in the afternoon until she drove away, Vespera felt even more uneasy.

“Then why do you keep showing up in front of Tave? Aren’t you trying to attract his attention?”

Isabella chuckled. “Vespera, you can do whatever you want just because Octavian loves you. Just because I didn’t mention what happened two years ago doesn’t mean that I don’t care! We’re already divorced, so what are you worried about? Do you have no confidence in him or yourself?”

“Isabella, don’t think I don’t know that you’ve always loved Tave. You stole him away from me two years ago, but who can guarantee that you won’t do it again now?” In the end, Vespera did not have enough confidence in herself or Octavian.

The Stormcrests had never accepted her as Octavian’s wife-to-be. They had thought that she was unworthy of him, but Isabella, an illegitimate daughter of the Silverbrooks, was even less worthy!

“Vespera, do you think I stole Octavian from you? Didn’t you lose him because of your greed? Don’t try to look noble! Also, don’t call me again in the future. If you upset me, aren’t you afraid that I’ll go back on my word and not divorce him? At that time, your dream would come to nothing…” Isabella smiled. The reason why Vespera called her could only be to get her to divorce Octavian as soon as possible.

Isabella would do as they wished.

After that, she hung up the phone directly and didn’t want to talk nonsense anymore.

She opened her WhatsApp and sent a message to Octavian. [See you at the Department of Civil Affairs at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.]

But she was not surprised to not receive a response. Over the years, she had taken the initiative to send him numerous WhatsApp messages, but he had never replied.

Early the next morning, Isabella waited at the entrance of the Department of Civil Affairs. However, after waiting for two whole hours, Octavian still hadn’t shown up. She gave him a call but he did not answer.

Her patience was running out. In the end, she drove straight to Stormcrest Holdings and asked, “Is Octavian here? I want to see him.”

“Mr. Stormcrest is in a meeting. Why don’t I call Mr. Blackwood instead?” The receptionist had met Isabella at the company’s annual meeting before. According to the company’s regulations, she still had to ask the general secretary for instructions.

When Percival Blackwood heard that Isabella was here, he reported to Octavian immediately.

“Let her come up.”

Isabella waited for a long time before Octavian finished the meeting and strode into his office.

“I waited for you at the Department of Civil Affairs for two hours, Octavian. Why didn’t show up?” Isabella walked up to him and raised her head to look into his eyes with a questioning expression.

“I don’t remember promising you I’d be there. Besides, I don’t have time.” The man was still indifferent and self-righteous.

It was true that he didn’t reply.

“When will you be free then?” Isabella bit her lip and let it pass.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Octavian ignored her completely. It was as if the matter she was trying to discuss with him had nothing to do with him at all.

“Then may I ask when will we talk about it, Mr. Stormcrest?” Isabella knew that he was busy with work, but no matter how busy he was, it was impossible for him to not even have time to go to the Department of Civil Affairs to get a divorce certificate.

Didn’t he have time to go shopping with Vespera yesterday?

Octavian finally fixed his eyes on Isabella. “Are you that impatient?”

“Mr. Stormcrest, you were the one asking for the divorce. Since you have decided, is there any point in delaying it like this?” Isabella could not understand him at all.

“What’s wrong? Have you already found a new husband?” Octavian had thought that Isabella would rely on Old Mrs. Stormcrest to pester him. How could she be urging him to get a divorce certificate now?

What was she up to?

“That has nothing to do with you! Don’t you want to make the love of your life your lawful wife as soon as possible?” Since he proposed a divorce and she agreed, it should be settled as soon as possible then.

Octavian took a big step forward and approached her, making Isabella take two steps back subconsciously.

“I really don’t know when you became so generous.” Octavian grabbed her wrist tightly and snorted.

“Since you are so generous to me and I don’t have to worry about making a living in the future, I should be able to read the room. I know what’s good for me.” Isabella struggled but Octavian only tightened his hold on her.

His deep eyes narrowed slightly, and his face was full of questions. How could she, who threatened to take half of his wealth the other day, be so thoughtful today?

“Is that so?” Octavian exerted a little more force and Isabella fell into his arms. They were standing very close to each other, and his breath was disturbing her thoughts.

“If I find out you’re playing tricks behind my back, Isabella, you should know what I’m capable of…” He whispered in her ear, reminding her not to have any improper thoughts. Everything was up to him!

Just then, the office door was pushed open. “Tave, there’s a new restaurant near the company. Let’s…” Before Vespera could finish her words, she saw the intimate scene in front of her.

“You… I’m sorry…” With tears in her eyes, Vespera turned around and pretended to leave.

Isabella came back to her senses, pushed Octavian away forcefully, and ran away from the office as fast as she could.

It was not until she got in her car that she remembered that she had come to talk to Octavian about getting a divorce certificate. How did she end up running away in a panic?

“That bastard did it on purpose, didn’t he?”

Isabella returned to Peaceful Grove. When she was in Octavian’s office just now, after what he had done and how Vespera had come barging in and seen everything, Isabella was sure that she had not only failed to get a divorce certificate but also got into more trouble.

After lunch, she returned to her room for a lunch break and threw all her worries to the back of her mind until Sophia called and invited her to go to the club for a drink to talk about the exhibition and charity auction, as well as to celebrate her break-up with Octavian.

Mr. Carson drove Isabella to the entrance of the club. She had gotten a perm on her usually straight hair. With exquisite makeup, she looked sexy and charming. She wore a long red slip dress and high heels. She got out of the car and said, “Mr. Carson, I’ll call you when it’s over.”

Sophia was already waiting at the entrance of the club for a long time for fear that Isabella would not show up.

As soon as she saw Isabella getting out of the car, she went up to her immediately and said, “Bella, you’re finally here! I was worried that you wouldn’t come!”

“There was a traffic jam on the way over.” Isabella smiled, which made her red lips look even more attractive. Coupled with the red dress she was wearing, she was attracting a lot of attention.

“You’re so beautiful today, Bella. You’ll definitely charm a lot of men!” Sophia pulled her into a private room. In addition to Melanie, Isabella’s best friend, and a few friends, there were also all kinds of men there.

“Sophia, what are you up to?”

Didn’t she say that they were only here to have a chat? There was no need to have so many strange… men here, right?

“I’m showing you the world. Octavian is nothing. There are a lot of rich and handsome men around besides him!” Sophia began to introduce them one by one as she spoke.

Isabella was not in the mood to care about men now. She just wanted to focus on her career!

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