The Regrettable Divorce Novel Chapter 3 Free Online (Isabella Silverbrook and Octavian Stormcrest Novel)

The Regrettable Divorce Novel Chapter 3 He’s Blind

“Isabella, you misunderstood me. I just returned to the country. Octavian only helped me to arrange the venue for my exhibition. There’s nothing going on between us.” Vespera pulled on Octavian’s sleeve. “Tave, explain it to Isabella. Don’t let her misunderstand.”

Isabella sneered silently. Vespera was so pretentious!

She had asked Isabella to divorce Octavian in private, but now she was acting all innocent.

But Octavian had fallen for her trick!

“There’s nothing for her to misunderstand.” Octavian looked coldly at Isabella’s delicate face. His expression was cold, without the slightest trace of affection normally found between a husband and wife.

Since they had both signed the divorce agreement, it would be hypocritical to explain too much.

Vespera could tell that Octavian was on her side, so she became even more unscrupulous.

“Isabella, I’ll send you an invitation letter for my exhibition next month. You must come.” Vespera wore a sweet smile on her face. “Tave has helped me a lot with it. He even gave me a lot of suggestions on decorating the venue.”

She was showing off to Isabella, telling her that in Octavian’s heart, she was the most important one.

“There’s no need! Vespera, have you forgotten how you won the award and went abroad?” Isabella smiled slightly. Her patience was limited.

Hearing this, Vespera panicked but resumed her act of innocence again immediately. “Isabella, what are you talking about? I worked so hard to win the award and get the opportunity to go abroad. How could I forget?”

“It’s good that you didn’t!” Isabella chuckled. She knew Vespera too well. She would do anything to achieve her goals, but she would eventually suffer the consequences of her own actions.

“As for your exhibition, I’m not interested either. Besides, whether it can be held or not is still a problem.”

Vespera turned to look at Octavian with tears in her eyes, looking aggrieved. “Tave, Mr. Stirling promised to reserve the largest exhibition hall for us. Will there be any problems with it?”

“Of course not.” Octavian gave her a reassuring smile.

Then, he glared at Isabella and said, “Don’t even think about ruining her exhibition, Isabella, or I won’t let you off!”

“Is that so? We’ll just see then, Mr. Stormcrest!” Isabella had no intention of arguing with them here. But even though it was embarrassing, she really couldn’t bear to see Vespera being so hypocritical.

“You…” Octavian didn’t know that Isabella was so bold now to dare to argue with him openly.

“Tave, don’t be like this. You and Isabella are still husband and wife. Don’t fight because of me.” Vespera pulled on Octavian’s arm with an innocent look. “The exhibition is my own business. I shouldn’t trouble you with it.”

Isabella looked at Vespera, who was acting so pretentious, and stood up to say, “Vespera, what happened between you and my ex-husband has nothing to do with me. Don’t disgust me here!”

She picked up her handbag to leave, her good mood completely ruined.

“Mr. Stormcrest, if you are free, let’s meet at the Department of Civil Affairs tomorrow.” With that, Isabella walked towards the stairs.

Vespera had thought that Octavian and Isabella were through, so she didn’t expect that they hadn’t gotten a divorce certificate yet!

“Tave, are you going to divorce Isabella? Grandma would be angry if she finds out, wouldn’t she?” Vespera couldn’t wait to marry Octavian, but she would never show it so obviously.

“I’ll talk to Grandma. I said that I’ll marry you.” Octavian patted her on the shoulder to reassure her.

“Tave, in fact, it doesn’t matter. I can wait. I don’t want you to upset Grandma because of me.”

“Don’t think too much about it. Just prepare for the exhibition.” Octavian smiled at her dotingly.

Sophia and Melanie couldn’t stand it anymore. This scene was too disgusting.

They also went downstairs. “Bella, Octavian is really blind. Can’t he see how Vespera is only pretending to be all sweet and innocent?”

“He’s blind!” Because of how he doted on her, he could only see the good side of Vespera. In his opinion, if others said even one word against Vespera, they would be slandering the perfect goddess in his heart.

“Getting a divorce is the right thing to do. Sooner or later, he will regret it,” Sophia said indignantly. “Let’s go, Bella. I’ll go shopping with you. Don’t let that jerk and bitch ruin your mood.”

“No, if it’s okay, I’ll go to your studio.” Isabella smiled faintly. She really didn’t need to care about these things.

She had stopped loving and caring for him. Naturally, no matter what he did, he would no longer affect her.

Sophia nodded. “Of course.”

Melanie had to stay at the café. Sophia and Melanie drove away one after another.

Octavian watched the red sports car drive away from his sight. His eyes darkened slightly as he wondered what that woman was up to.

“Sofie, didn’t Mr. Stirling contact you about Mia’s painting exhibition last time?” Isabella remembered that Sophia had called to tell her about it not long ago.

Sophia nodded. “Yes, you refused at that time, so I turned Mr. Stirling down.”

The next second, her eyes lit up. “Have you changed your mind now?”

“Well, for me, this is indeed a good opportunity.” Isabella won many international awards many years ago under the name Mia. Few people knew her real identity.

“Contact Mr. Stirling and tell him that I agree to hold this exhibition. Also, take out my painting ‘Rosa Nocturna’ to be auctioned later.”

“Bella, ‘Rosa Nocturna’ is your most precious treasure. Are you really willing to auction it off?” Sophia was a little worried about her. She felt that Isabella had been aggrieved so much today that she was even willing to give up the painting she loved the most.

“It’s nothing. Since my marriage with him has come to an end, that painting actually has no meaning.” For her, that painting used to be very important. It was her first completed painting after marriage, created with her love and expectation for a future with Octavian.

“Okay, I’ll contact Mr. Stirling right away.” Sophia suddenly felt that it was good that Isabella was willing to hold an exhibition. She had given up so many opportunities for Octavian.

Besides, Vespera won her reputation by plagiarizing the works of somebody else. How shameless was she to hold an exhibition?

Since Isabella was now willing to hold an art exhibition, she would absolutely be able to win against Vespera and leave her discredited.

Sophia contacted Maximillian at the Elysian Square Exhibition Center immediately to discuss the details of the exhibition.

As soon as Isabella returned to Peaceful Grove, she received a call from Vespera. It seemed that she was anxious when she learned that Isabella and Octavian had not gone to the Department of Civil Affairs to go through the divorce formalities yet.

“What’s the matter?” Isabella leaned back on the sofa and looked out of the window as she sipped her tea. Her tone was lazy, light, and extremely indifferent.

“Isabella, I know that Tave has given you the villa and a sum of money. What else are you dissatisfied with?” Vespera felt uneasy at the thought of Isabella still having an ambiguous relationship with Octavian.

“What’s wrong with you, Vespera? When did I say that I’m not satisfied?” Isabella was speechless.

Moreover, she never asked Octavian for a villa or money!

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