The Regrettable Divorce Novel Chapter 2 Free Online (Isabella Silverbrook and Octavian Stormcrest Novel)

The Regrettable Divorce Novel Chapter 2 Better Off Without Him

The car stopped at the gate of Peaceful Grove in Westwood. The whole Peaceful Grove was brightly lit. The maid, Mrs. Hughs, was already waiting at the gate. “Miss Isabella, you’re back!”

Isabella responded softly and stepped in.

Peaceful Grove was a wedding gift from the Hawthornes on her wedding night two years ago. However, she had only been here a few times in the past two years. As a result, the place had always been managed by Mrs. Hughs.

When the Silverbrooks went bankrupt, they had nothing left. Perhaps that was why Octavian felt that she was only insisting on being Mrs. Stormcrest because the Stormcrests were rich and powerful.

In his eyes, she had nowhere to go without the Stormcrests.

However, Octavian didn’t know that Isabella was only marrying him and giving everything to him simply because she loved him.

But now, she was tired and didn’t want to love him anymore.

“I’m moving back in and will be staying here from now on, Mrs. Hughs. Thank you for all your help.” Isabella leaned against the sofa wearily.

“Miss Isabella, it’s my duty to take care of you. But what if Old Mr. Hawthorne…” Mrs. Hughs could tell that Isabella must have suffered a lot to decide to move her luggage back in the middle of the night.

“If he asks, just tell him the truth.” Isabella knew that she could not hide the truth from everyone forever.

Since Octavian could not wait to announce to the whole world that he wanted to marry Vespera, it was only a matter of time before the Hawthornes found out about it.

These days, ever since Vespera returned to the country, Octavian had been indifferent to her, which had left her all tensed up. Now that everything had been settled, Isabella was determined to only live for herself in the future.

She was better off without him!

When she woke up the next day, it was almost noon. She took her phone and saw a ton of WhatsApp messages in the group chat of her and her two friends!

[Bella, that vixen Vespera is back. She pesters your husband every day. Aren’t you going to do something about her?]

[Bella must be really upset…]

[Bella, it’s not worth being sad over that jerk!]

[Don’t worry, Bella. We’ll back you up!]

Isabella looked at the photo that Sophia Ashbourne had sent in the group chat. It was a photo of Octavian and Vespera talking with Maximillian Stirling, the person in charge of the exhibition center, at the Elysian Square Exhibition Center. It seemed that the rumors on the Internet that Vespera had come back to the country to hold a painting exhibition were true.

Nonetheless, it had nothing to do with her anymore!

She replied in the group chat: [I’m divorced!]

The next second, Isabella’s phone rang with a WhatsApp video call. She answered it lazily, and Sophia said in disbelief, “Bella, are you kidding me? That’s not real, is it?”

“I’m really divorced…” Isabella couldn’t help laughing.

“But you love him so much. Why would you divorce him? It’s because of Vespera, isn’t it? Are you really going to let them be together?” In the past, Sophia didn’t agree that Isabella should marry Octavian. After all, everyone in Oakridge knew about what happened between him and Vespera.

But Sophia also knew that Isabella loved Octavian so much that she was still willing to marry him under such circumstances.

“I’ve tried for two years, and he still doesn’t even care about me. Why should I continue to pester him?” Isabella felt that she was also stupid at that time. She knew that Octavian didn’t love her, but she still fell in love with him. In the end, she was the one who was hurt all over.

“Well done then! You’re so amazing and capable, Bella. Octavian doesn’t deserve you!” Sophia almost jumped up and cheered at the news.

Isabella smiled helplessly. In the eyes of others, it was probably her, Isabella, who was trying to climb up the social ladder by marrying Octavian.

“I’m free today, Bella. Melanie and I will go shopping and have afternoon tea with you.”

It would not be easy for her to be reborn from a failed marriage. She planned to start a new life.

“Okay! Let’s meet you-know-where!” In the past two years, Isabella had spent all her time and energy making Octavian happy.

She had cooked for him personally, but he had never tasted it. He had ignored all the care she had given him. No matter how warmly the house was decorated, he rarely came home. In the past two years, her only role had been when he needed a female companion to attend banquets, where she would be his tool and act like a loving couple with him.

However, she was happy to do so. She thought that he would be sincere. It was ridiculous that as soon as Vespera returned to the country, Isabella, his nominal wife, received a divorce agreement.

It had all been wishful thinking.

When Isabella arrived at the Bell Blue Café in the city center, Melanie Stine and Sophia were already waiting there. As soon as they saw her, they went over immediately and gave her a big hug.

“Bella, have a taste of the coffee I made for you.” The three of them sat by the window on the second floor, enjoying the beautiful scenery outside.

The three of them invested in this cafe together. Melanie was very knowledgeable about coffee. After getting her barista qualification, she managed this cafe in person after graduation.

Sophia worked for a fashion magazine and was usually very busy, but Isabella was more important than her work.

Isabella, on the other hand, had been arranged to marry Octavian by Old Mrs. Stormcrest as soon as she graduated. In the past two years, she had almost given up her own life. She had lost her self-esteem and played the role of Mrs. Stormcrest dutifully.

When the three of them talked about the past, they deliberately avoided mentioning Octavian and Vespera. But sometimes, fate brings together the people you don’t want to see the most.

The couple who came into the café were Octavian and Vespera. Octavian was dressed in a high-end custom-made black suit. He had a straight figure and handsome facial features. No matter where he went, he would attract women’s attention.

Vespera was wearing a light apricot gauze dress. Her delicate facial features and exquisite makeup made her look gentle and lovely. When the two of them stood together, they looked like the perfect match.

The man was carrying a lot of shopping bags. It seemed that he was out shopping with his lover.

It turned out that he actually did know how to be considerate and gentle. But he just saved all his gentleness and special love for the woman he loved.

Isabella felt her heart skip a beat. She should be glad that she had agreed to end their marriage. After all, she could never force him to love her. In the end, she would be the only one to suffer.

“Tave, the coffee in this café is very good. I think you will like it.” Vespera had been to this café once, so she took Octavian with her to have a taste.

“The scenery on the second floor is not bad either.” As they spoke, the two of them walked up to the second floor together. When they looked up, they saw Isabella and the others.

Octavian narrowed his eyes slightly, his face darkening. Isabella didn’t want to run into them either, but who knew that they would choose to come into this café amongst so many others on the street?

Vespera, on the other hand, didn’t shy away at all. She walked straight up to Isabella and greeted her. “Isabella, you’re here for coffee too? What a coincidence!”

Why did those words sound so awkward?

What Vespera said made Octavian look even colder. It was as if Isabella was there on purpose.

“What a coincidence! I thought you couldn’t wait to take over my old position, so you came to me to show off deliberately.” Isabella was full of anger when she thought of all kinds of intimate photos of Vespera and Octavian she had sent to her in private.

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