The Protector novel Chapter 91


Nueve and Trey sneered this time round.

It made Jack Smith feel strange.

\”His status and identity are what all of you desire and aim for!\” After Nueve said this, everyone began mocking him again.

No one could believe that a person who had just been released from prison would actually be someone so powerful and admirable.

Rick, who was more prudent, digested Nueve’s words properly to figure out what he meant.

It seemed like Levi had a bit of power and status now.

He could be because he had met a benefactor in prison.

But so what?

No matter how brilliant he was, he was of no match to Jack Smith.

Also, he could not deal with so many groups working together.

No matter what, Levi only had one way out and that was death.

Levi waved his hand. Nueve and Trey kept their mouths shut, and stood at a corner obediently.

Levi looked carefully at Jack Smith and the others, then laughed and said, \”Jack Smith?\”

\”Impudent brat! Do you think a b*stard like you have the right to address the King of North Hampton this way?\” Joseph shot angrily.

\”That’s right, such a piece of trash like you does not even have the right to talk to the King of North Hampton!\”

Ben stared furiously at Levi.

Levi curled his lips into a smile. \”Joseph, the Garrison family’s connections and strength are incredible! You are stronger than I thought!\”

The Garrison family was capable to summon such a huge army. It was enough to prove that they were a rich and powerful family in North Hampton.

\”Hahaha… Do you now know our strength? Kneel down now, if you want us to spare your life!\”

Bryan and Victoria laughed.

Levi faced the bunch of clowns and sneered, \”I have given you a whole month to think about this. Haven’t you actually considered why I have so much confidence?\”

After listening to Levi, the Garrison family was shocked.

Bryan quickly regained his senses and shot back immediately, \”Hmph, isn’t Nueve the source of your confidence? Do you think we are stupid? We have checked thoroughly. Nueve and you were in prison together and that was where you met him!\”

Upon listening to Bryan’s words, Levi laughed aloud. \”Hahaha… Seems like Ashton is not awake yet. He will tell you everything once he wakes up.\”

At the mention of Ashton, Jaycob went insane and exclaimed angrily, \”I will definitely not let you off today, Levi! You turned my son into a vegetable. I will kill you today!\”

Levi could not be bothered with Jaycob’s crazy antics. He looked at Rick and said, \”My favorite third uncle who treats me the best, have you not given any thought about why and how we have come to this?\”

At this moment, Rick’s facial expression changed.

He had indeed felt that Levi was not behaving like usual this month.

But he could not pinpoint why or how.

Everything looked reasonable on the surface but it also seemed unreasonable at the same time.

Rick felt that something was amiss after hearing Levi saying such a thing.

Levi was an intelligent man. Didn’t he know that even with Nueve’s ability and support, he would not be able to shake up the Garrison family?

If so, then why would he want to challenge them?

Even with so many big shots from North Hampton present, why did that not affect Levi?

That meant that he had enough resources and strength to counter the Garrison family!

He swept his gaze past Levi, and caught sight of the five men behind him. Azure Dragon was amongst them.

Rick felt that the five of them looked very unusual. They seemed to possess special powers and had a unique aura!

What was more, they looked indifferent, as if the presence of two thousand people did not matter at all.

\”Mmm? Doesn’t that person look a bit familiar?\”

The person in front of him, Azure Dragon, looked a bit familiar, but Rick could not remember where he had seen him.

Are these five people Levi’s hidden trump card?

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