The Protector novel Chapter 88

\”Quickly! We cannot wait to see Levi embarrassing himself!\”

Joseph leaned against the car door and waited with a walking stick in his hands.

\”Dad, all of us are prepared! Also, the mercenaries that Third Brother has hired are in their positions!\” Ben said.

Joseph nodded his head, \”Mmm, the Garrison family alone can get rid of Nueve several times, let alone Jack Smith and the others! This time around, I will get rid of Levi and at the same time, let everyone in North Hampton know how powerful the Garrison family is!\”

\”Dad, Jack Smith is here.\”

Rick ran over.

There was indeed a black car parked in front of the Garrison family’s manor entrance.

The second car was a Lincoln limousine.

The car door opened, and an old man walked out. He wore a black traditional Chinese jacket, with two legendary pearls in his hand.

He looked like he was well into his twilight years, giving people the impression that he was dying.

However, there was a light in his eyes that one could not simply ignore.

Especially when he lifted his head, there was a powerful presence lingering that made people breathless.

He was North Hampton’s leading mafia boss, Mr. Jack Smith.

As the name implied, the King of North Hampton was here.

There were thirteen people following behind Jack Smith.

They were named North Hampton’s Invincible-13.

13 powerful experts!

The Invincible-13 used to be like Nueve and were mafia bosses in their own districts, but they were vanquished and came under Jack Smith as his underlings.

Not only that, Jack Jr. was also here.

He was part of the Palm Killer Organization!

Seeing that Jack Smith had arrived, Joseph brought everyone from the Garrison family over to welcome him.

With the Garrison family’s current abilities, they did not dare to compete with him!

\”Today, we invited Mr. Jack Smith here to help us show our prowess. There is no need to take action. Your presence alone would definitely scare Levi away! He will not dare to do anything to us.\” Joseph laughed.

Jack Smith did not care. It was already a waste for him to come down today just to make an appearance on behalf of the Garrison family.

He looked at Joseph and asked, \”What about the project you were talking about?\”

Joseph immediately responded, \”Tomorrow! We can proceed tomorrow!\”

It turned out that the Garrison family had lured Jack Smith over with a lucrative project so that he was willing to make an appearance.

\”Good!\” Jack Smith nodded his head.

Another car arrived shortly.

A middle-aged man alighted from the car.

\”This is Smiling Buddha, who controls half of North Hampton’s entertainment clubs! He keeps a very low profile, but apart from me, no one else is his opponent in North Hampton!\”

Jack Smith introduced the middle-aged, chubby man to the Garrison family. The chubby man laughed. He looked friendly and kind, but he was actually very cruel.

\”As for this person, he is Bob, who is engaged in the jade jewelry business. He is well-known in North Hampton, and Nueve has suffered a big loss before thanks to him!\”

\”And Jimmy Jacuzzi! Good old Jimmy is outstanding. He owns six casinos in Hong Kong, Macau and other places. He is involved in all kinds of businesses!\”

Jack Smith introduced everyone.

The Garrison family were in awe of their presence.

All of these impressive figures from North Hampton’s underground world showed up this time!

Levi’s supporter was only Nueve. There was more than a dozen of them here who could compete with Nueve and were even better than him.

All of these people, combined with the Garrison family’s power, would mean that Levi was in hot soup. Levi was unable to beat them, given their mighty forces.

Jack Smith looked at his watch, and said, \”It’s time. Let’s set off!\”

\”Let’s go!\”

Immediately, a long line of cars set off toward Morris’ grave.

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