The Protector novel Chapter 87

Zoey stopped worrying.

After all, she was originally going to die with Levi.

So what was there to worry so much about?

Shortly after, a Haval sped by.

Aaron and Caitlyn alighted from the car.

Levi had thought that Aaron would stand by his side to show him support.

However, he did not expect Zoey’s parents to come and drag Zoey into the car.

Zoey screamed in shock, \”Dad, Mom, what are you doing? Why are you pulling me away?\”

\”You cannot stay here and court death with this useless piece of trash!\” Aaron shouted.

\”That’s right, you need to come with us! We won’t let you die with him!\” Caitlyn held tightly on Zoey.

Zoey finally realized why her parents came.

They wanted to bring her away.

She was starting to feel anxious as she was about to be dragged towards the car.

Zoey struggled and shouted at Levi for help, \”Levi, save me! Save me!\”

\”Dare he? If he dares, then I will make sure both of us perish together!\” Aaron stared angrily at Levi.

Levi looked at Zoey coldly, and did not take any other action.

In the end, Zoey struggled to break free but to no avail. Aaron held onto her as Caitlyn drove away.

She looked out of the windows at Levi, who was standing there alone and cried bitterly.

It seemed that they were going to go on their separate ways from that moment onwards.

However, no matter how much Zoey cried, Aaron was not going to give in.

After taking Zoey home, Aaron and Caitlyn made sure that she was taken care of.

It was the Lopez family’s wish to bring Zoey home.

There was no need for her to die with Levi.

As the Lopez family had ended their relationship with Levi, they would not turn up today.

After Zoey left, Azure Dragon, Kirin, Phoenix, Black Tortoise and White Tiger, the Five Great Wars Regiment appeared in black suits.

Azure Dragon had even brought Rowen and his wife over.

\”Has Ms. Lopez left already?\” Azure Dragon asked.

\”It’s good that she left. I do not wish to reveal my identity yet!\” Levi said.

Kirin walked over to Levi and said, \”God of War, The commander-in-chief of the First Army reported that they are ready and prepared to set off! They are stationed three kilometers away and can reach in ten minutes!\”

After hearing what was said, Levi nodded his head. \”Mmm, tell them to wait for my command!\”


Kirin nodded his head.

At this moment, Nueve arrived. He did not bring many people with him.

Those who came were big shots, like Trey.

They had donned their suits. Several people stood by after receiving Levi’s orders.

Azure Dragon stood beside Levi and said, \”God of War has just received news that the Garrison family is about to set off.\”

At the Garrison family’s manor.

Joseph waited for everyone in the Garrison family to suit up and get ready to leave.

Jaycob was growing really impatient and could not wait any longer.

His son, Ashton, was still lying in the hospital. The chances of him waking up were really slim.

He swore that he must definitely tear Levi up into a dozen pieces!

As for Rick, he had always looked gentle. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, which made him look very mysterious.

Bryan glanced at Victoria and said, \”My little brother was crippled six years ago because of me. I also made you crippled this time round! Do you still remember this baseball stick? That’s right, it’s the one I used six years ago! Hahaha…\”

Bryan revealed a cruel smile as he tossed the baseball stick into the car trunk.

Ben and Winnie smiled coldly. \”Son! If not for the fact that we took you in, you would have died! Do you actually want to kill us now? This is ridiculous!\”

Holly also arrived together with two others.

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