The Protector novel Chapter 82

\”What? A video? There’s really a video?\” Misty was doubtful.

Holly nodded. \”Yes. I’ve checked repeatedly. The video is real.\”

\”Does that mean our crimes will be exposed once the video is released to the public?\” Philip asked grimly.

Kit nodded. \”You’re right. Everyone will know about the Garrison family’s involvement as well. They will definitely sacrifice us by that time. I believe all of us are quite familiar with Rick Garrison’s tactics.\”

Misty was on the verge of tears. \”Then what should we do now?\”

Holly said helplessly. \”That’s the reason why I asked all of you here. We need to come up with a plan together.\”

\”Is there any other choice? We can only pay the one billion to purchase the video. Otherwise, we will have to face our demises.\” Philip said.

\”Yeah. What else can we do?\” Kit was dejected.

\”Guys, we are talking about one billion here. Each of us will have to cough up two hundred and fifty million. Are all of you willing to part with that sum of money?\” Misty reminded them.

\”Do we have any other choice even if we’re unwilling?\” Philip retorted.

Bloodlust glinted in Holly’s eyes. \”There is one other way…\”

\”What?\” Everyone looked at her simultaneously.

\”We will meet up with Levi Garrison and murder him on the spot!\” Holly showed her ruthless nature.

The rest of the group exchanged glances and nodded. \”You’re right. This problem can be solved with Levi’s death. I’ll spend a million to hire a few hitmen. There’s no need to waste a billion because of this.\”

Holly nodded. \”Alright. it’s settled then.\”

\”I will contact the hitmen since I have some connections.\” Philip volunteered.

\”Misty and I will pay for the fee.\” Kit offered.

\”Then I will contact Levi and arrange the venue.\” Holly said menacingly.

Holly wasn’t anxious to contact Levi after they were done with the arrangements.

She waited until 11 o’clock in the night before she dialed Levi’s number.

\”I’ve prepared the money, Mr. Garrison. Let’s meet at Lufthansa Club at 12 o’clock. Remember to bring along the original video.\” Holly said.

Levi agreed. \”Alright. See you then.\”

At that moment, Holly and the others were already there at Lufthansa Club.

Philip was the club owner, so they chose that venue to facilitate the execution of their plan.

\”I’ve hired five professional hitmen for one million each.\” Philip said.

\”Okay. All we have to do now is wait for Levi’s arrival.\” Holly was a little nervous. But she was more excited to murder Levi.

Levi and Azure Dragon reached the club a few minutes before midnight.

Holly welcomed them at the entrance. Then they entered a private room.

Levi asked after he took a seat. \”Where’s the money? How are you going to pay me?\”

At that moment, Holly and the gang revealed a menacing smile on their faces.

\”Do you think you deserve the money, Levi Garrison? You will not be able to spend the money anyway!\” Philip shrieked angrily.

\”That’s right. You’re really a fool, Levi. You came here just because we asked you to.\” Kit laughed in a sinister manner.

Levi looked at Holly. \”What’s the meaning of this?\”

\”Hand over the original video now, Levi Garrison! I can consider sparing your life if you comply.\” Holly demanded.


Five professional hitmen entered the private room.

\”There’s no use for you to struggle. They are all trained hitmen. You will never escape this place!\” Philip threatened Levi.

\”Give us the video immediately. Or else, we’ll kill you!\” Everyone urged.

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