The Protector novel Chapter 74

Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi disappointingly. They insulted him angrily. \”You’re just a piece of useless trash! You are not even capable of protecting your own wife! How can you stay indifferent after your wife is banished from her family? How can you call yourself a man?\”

Levi merely held Zoey’s hand and left.

He glanced at everyone else before exiting the house. \”All of you will regret the decision you’ve made today.\”

\”Hmph! Regret? Impossible!\” Everyone sneered.

The news of Zoey’s banishment was quickly spread all over North Hampton. Everyone knew Zoey because of Levi, so the news became a sensation in no time.

Bryan Garrison laughed out loud after hearing the news from Harry Lopez himself. \”Haha. This is great! Even the Lopez family cut ties with him. Levi is truly all alone now!\”

\”Hmph! Just you wait, Levi. Nueve will ditch you too. I’ll see what you can do by that time.\”

\”Go to hell, Levi! Coincidentally, we can bury you next to your best friend in that cemetery.\”

Everyone in the Garrison family was pleased. In their opinion, Levi would be doomed after a few days.

Levi said with a smile after they arrived home. \”You do believe in me, Zoey.\”

\”No. I don’t! I don’t think you have the capabilities to settle this matter. But I promised to stay by your side for the rest of our lives during the birthday banquet the other night. So I will tough through everything with you.\” Zoey explained solemnly.

Levi grinned. I am getting more excited now that the time limit I gave the Garrison family is coming to an end.

That night, Azure Dragon suddenly messaged Levi: I’ve found out the truth behind Morris Atkinson’s death. Someone filmed the entire process before he died.

Levi straightened himself in a jerk when he saw the message. His sudden movements startled Zoey.

\”I’m heading out for a while!\” Levi left in a hurry.

Azure Dragon was waiting for him in an SUV when Levi reached the Bayview Garden neighbourhood’s entrance.

Azure Dragon began explaining after Levi got into the car. \”Sir, Mr. Morris managed the company well after your imprisonment six years ago. He made the appropriate arrangements to prevent the Garrison family from taking over Levi Group.\”

Levi knew well of Morris’ abilities. He’s a business prodigy. He was adept at manipulating the rules and regulations to his advantage.

\”The Garrison family wanted to get rid of Mr. Morris because he interfered with their plans. So they laid a series of traps for him and faked evidence to frame him. Embezzlement was one of their tricks. Mr. Morris’ bank account was top up with one billion a day before your wedding. A few houses were suddenly registered under his name as well, with women living in those houses. Those women were the mistresses reported by the news. They faked plenty of evidence to falsify crimes against Mr. Morris. The Garrison family even included charges of corruption against Mr. Rowen.\”

Levi finally understood that the Garrison family had been planning the scheme for a long time after listening to Azure Dragon’s detailed report. They wanted to eliminate me, as well as my most loyal subordinates.

\”I’ve already sent people to look for the four mistresses I mentioned. They are in transit as we speak.\” Azure Dragon added.

Levi met with his eyes. \”Then where are we going now?\”

\”We are going to Queen Private Investigator Agency. This agency has been active for years. They are skilled in digging dark secrets from the past. They possess a lot of dirty secrets of wealthy people and celebrities in North Hampton. Coincidentally, someone from the agency filmed Mr. Morris’ death scene.\” Azure Dragon elaborated.

\”Okay. Let’s go and have a look at the evidence at Queen Private Investigator Agency.\”

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