The Protector novel Chapter 73

Samuel and Shaun agreed to the proposal. \”That’s right. They must get a divorce! This is the only method to protect our family now!\”

Although Aaron and his wife were mistreated by the Lopez family all along, they took their side in that argument.

Aaron said coldly, \”Deal with your own mess. Do not trouble us. We agree for the both of you to get a divorce as well.\”

Caitlyn nodded in agreement. \”That’s right. I thought we would be able to live peacefully. But you had to stir up this mess. You no longer have the right to stay in the Lopez family!\”

Everyone firmly requested for Zoey to divorce Levi. They did not want him to stay a second longer in the family.

Levi could not care less about the outsiders’ opinion. He only wanted to know Zoey’s stance.

Levi looked at Zoey and asked her. \”What do you think? I will respect your decision.\” Levi would not oppose Zoey’s wish if she desired to divorce him.

\”To be honest, you’ve disappointed me greatly. You gave up a peaceful life to deliberately provoke the Garrison family. This is no longer a problem revolving around yourself because the Lopez family is now involved as well. The Garrison family can crush our family effortlessly if they wish to.\” Zoey expressed her thought harshly.

Harry and the others were satisfied with what Zoey had said. Zoey will divorce Levi if she’s blaming him now. In this way, our family will escape this predicament unscathed.

\”Can you please take into consideration others’ points of view before you do anything in the future? To prevent dragging my family into this mess, I have decided…\”

Levi shut his eyes as he awaited Zoey’s judgment. It seems like she wants a divorce, after all.

\”I will leave the Lopez family and sever all my ties with all of you. I choose to stay by my husband’s side and weather through every hardship together.\” Zoey took a step forward and stood next to Levi.

Levi fell into a daze as he processed Zoey’s words in his mind.

He was overjoyed. She is indeed my wife!

Everyone else inside the house was bewildered by Zoey’s announcement.

Aaron and Caitlyn shouted simultaneously. \”What do you think you’re doing, Zoey Lopez? You must get a divorce! Divorce him!\”

Zoey shook her head. \”No. I will not get a divorce. Why would I wait for him for six years if I wanted a divorce? Grandpa, if you desire to cut off all ties with Levi, then please banish me from the family.\”


Harry was reluctant to make the final call because Zoey was her granddaughter at the end of the day. Moreover, she was handling a large project with high returns at that moment.

\”Hurry up and make the official statement, Grandpa. We can safeguard the Lopez family by sacrificing her alone.\” Samuel urged. Other members of the family convinced Harry as well.

Aaron and Caitlyn had no other choice but to stand aside and watch on helplessly.

Levi’s voice was heard just as Harry was about to speak. \”Do you believe in me? I will settle this matter without causing any trouble to the Lopez family. But I will only do so if you promise not to banish Zoey from the family.\”

\”No one will believe you. Where did you find the confidence to utter those words?\”

\”Even Zoey is disappointed in you, not to mention us.\”

Levi’s statement triggered a wave of dissatisfaction to erupt among the members of the Lopez family.

At that moment, Zoey was doubtful as well. So she did not expect anyone else to have faith in Levi.

Harry Lopez glanced at Levi and Zoey in an unforgiving manner before he announced. \”I have decided to banish Zoey Lopez from the Lopez family. From now on, she will have no relationship whatsoever with the Lopez family. I will clarify this situation with the Garrison family and make a public declaration as well. We are no longer related to the both of you from now on. You will have to settle your own mess!\”

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