The Protector novel Chapter 72

Chloe did not know how she should respond to the turn of events. I can receive at least a fifty million commission from this sale alone. But I did practically nothing.

Chloe’s parents now realized Vernon’s success was actually nothing to be amazed by. Their family’s wealth was insignificant either. \”Larry, let’s discuss our children’s matter another day.\” Theodore said mercilessly.

\”Huh? But…\” Larry and his family were left rooted to their spot dumbfoundedly while Chloe and her family left swiftly.

Levi brought the Atkinsons to the new villa in the night. \”Please stay here from now on. I will take good care of you in Morris’ stead!\”

Levi finally felt at ease after he was done arranging his godparents’ accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Garrison family was keeping track of Levi’s movements as usual.

Bryan Garrison sneered. \”Levi bought a house for Morris’ parents and even vowed to avenge Morris’ death.\”

\”Hmph. He’s just a piece of trash. I doubt he will ever find out the truth behind Morris’s death, much less carrying out any revenge.\” Victoria responded disdainfully.

\”Is the Lopez family aware of this matter? Bryan, I want you to inform them immediately. I want them to be present as well five days later. I want the Lopez family to see with their own eyes as I torment Levi. I can finally avenge Ashton after so long!\” Jaycob spoke coldly.

Bryan Garrison’s arrival at the Lopez family scared Harry and the others.

Members of the Lopez family were fearful after they were made aware of the gathering at the cemetery.

Bryan threatened them. \”I will wipe out the entire Lopez family if I do not see all of you there five days later.\”

\”Please be rest assured, Mr. Garrison. We will definitely be there!\” Harry Lopez’s legs wobbled.

It was only until Bryan left that Harry unleashed his anger. \”Levi is really a curse! Why must he go and offend the Garrison family? Now he’s invited trouble for our family too. I’m going to kill him! Let’s go to Aaron’s house now!\”

Harry brought everyone to Aaron’s place. He asked Aaron to summon Zoey and Levi as well.

Levi and Zoey saw a lot of cars parked outside the house when they arrived. They were startled to see the crowd inside the house. Every member of the Lopez family was there.

\”You’re a bastard, Levi! You’re the cause of the Lopez family’s demise!\” Aaron rebuked Levi the moment he walked through the door. Everyone else started hurling abuse at him too.

Zoey shifted her gaze onto Levi incredulously after she knew about the whole story. She sniffled. \”I told you not to provoke the Garrison family. Why did you not listen to me? I know you want to avenge Morris, but have you ever thought about us? Have you ever thought about me?\”

\”I…\” Levi was interrupted the moment he started to speak.

\”No! You never thought about anything from my perspective! You always do as you please. Now you’ve completely offended the Garrison family and involved my family in this mess! The Lopez family will cease to exist in North Hampton if the Garrison family is dissatisfied with us. Our lives are all in danger now. Do you want to drive me to my death before you’re contented?\” Zoey was tear-stricken.

Levi did not explain. They will not listen to anything I say anyway.

\”What should we do now?\” Aaron panicked.

\”There’s only one way to resolve this…\” Harry voiced out. \”Zoey must divorce him! Cutting all ties with Levi Garrison is the only way to secure ourselves now.\”

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