The Protector novel Chapter 71

Everyone was astounded as they looked at Levi and Chloe in disbelief.

\”Vi… villa?\” Vernon asked with a shaky voice.

\”That’s right. If we are talking about a normal house or flat, Bayview Garden will have served the purpose.\” Chloe said.

Larry Tate and his son were flabbergasted. Our family can barely afford a house in Bayview Garden, not to mention the villas owned by Bayview Garden Real Estate. These villas cost at least thirty million to over a hundred million. Can Levi Garrison really afford a villa? We don’t believe this.

Even Theodore Macy and his wife were doubtful. We are relatively familiar with Levi Garrison’s current condition. He certainly can’t afford a villa. He’s no longer the billionaire he was 6 years ago.

Just as they were pondering about Levi’s current situation, a group of people rushed out from the villa area.

Chloe’s parents recognized the man leading the group of people.

He was Bayview Garden Real Estate’s boss, Jim Spencer, as well as Chloe’s superior. They met with him once during the annual general meeting.

Jim Spencer walked forward hastily in Levi’s direction and greeted him excitedly. \”It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Garrison. You could’ve informed me before your arrival. It is my duty to welcome you in person.\”

\”Welcome, Mr. Garrison!\” All the staff working under Bayview Garden Real Estate lined up in two neat rows to welcome Levi. They even prepared a red carpet and flower petals to celebrate his advent.

Vernon, Larry, and the others were stupefied. What’s with this grandiose formation?

Theodore and Suzy on the other hand started to see Levi in a different light.

Levi said casually. \”There’s no need to go through all the trouble. I’m only here to purchase a villa.\”

Levi’s words took Larry and his family by surprise.

Theodore questioned his daughter to confirm the thought in his mind. \”Did he buy a house from you previously?\”

\”Yes. He bought the most expensive unit in Bayview Garden and paid the fifty million in cash. He’s now the VVIP of Bayview Garden Real Estate.\” Chloe explained.

Her parents nearly passed out from the shock. This is crazy. He paid fifty million in cash?

\”Please follow me, Mr. Garrison.\” Jim led Levi into the sales center in person.

The sales center was embellished with champagne and decorations in preparation to celebrate Levi’s purchase.

\”May I know what kind of villa are you looking for, Mr. Garrison?\” Jim asked.

\”The most expensive one.\” Levi answered without any hesitation. I will make it up to Morris by treating his parents well from now on. Buying them the most expensive villa is the least I can do.

Levi’s nonchalant request frightened the Tate family members. Even if we combine all of our assets, they are not worth even a hundred million, yet Levi is here casually acquiring a villa worth more than our family’s net worth.

Their faces reddened in embarrassment when they thought of the insults they threw in Levi’s face earlier. Perhaps we are just some clowns in his eyes, making a fool out of ourselves.

\”Please follow me, Mr. Garrison. This is the most expensive villa we have. The price is one hundred and twenty million, but we will provide you with a twenty million discount. The size of this villa is…\” Jim began to explain the details of the villa.

\”Okay. That’s good. I want to move in tonight. Can you handle the rest for me?\” Levi asked.

\”Absolutely! We will also provide you with three housekeepers, a butler, a van, and a chauffeur.\” Jim offered.

In the end, Levi paid for the hundred million villa in full amount using his card while everyone stared at him.

Then Levi pointed at Chloe and said, \”She’s my agent. The commission belongs to her.\”

\”Please be rest assured, Mr. Garrison. I understand what you mean.\” Jim smiled.

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