The Protector novel Chapter 62

Draco’s subordinates did not have the courage to look at Stephan and Crystal. They focused all their attention on Levi.

\”Are you alright? We were so worried when we received the news.\” They said in a hurry.

Everyone else inside the room was flabbergasted.

Stephan was in utter disbelief. \”I’m your son, father! I’m the one who’s injured.\”

But Draco fixated his gaze on Levi despite Stephan’s effort to express his grievances.

\”I’m fine. But my clothes are soiled.\” Levi answered.

Everyone saw the visible wet stain on Levi’s clothes.

Draco was infuriated. He scanned the room and asked angrily. \”Who did this? Who’s the one that poured water all over him?\”

The other subordinates raised their voices as well. \”Who’s the daredevil?\”

Those in the know gazed at Crystal simultaneously.

Crystal lowered her head as her body trembled visibly.

Draco grabbed Stephan by his collar and slapped him mercilessly. \”You’re a wastrel! Why do I have a son like you? You will be the cause for my downfall!\”



Draco beat up his son furiously. He finally stopped when he was out of breath.

Stephan was confounded. What’s going on? Why is my father hitting me? I am the victim of this incident. Why does he concern about Levi Garrison instead?

The other classmates were also bewildered as they looked at Levi differently.

What’s happening? Chloe was relatively calm. Don’t tell me Levi’s status is even higher than the Simmons family? Is that the reason behind his brazen attitude?

At that moment, a man dressed in a suit entered the room holding a briefcase.

\”Isn’t that the Head Secretary of North Hampton, Cedric Jones?\”

\”You’re right! That’s him! The Head Secretary of North Hampton City. He’s the secretary of the most influential figure in the city. His appearance carries the same weight as the great Mr. Jesse himself!\”

Everyone recognized Cedric as soon as he entered the room.

But Cedric behaved similarly to the others before him. He walked up to Levi hastily and asked him with concern. \”Are you alright, Mr. Garrison? I am worried sick about you! Mr. Jesse left over ten missed calls on my phone because he thought something terrible happened to you. He’s currently attending a meeting overseas, so he cannot come here in person. That’s why he asked me to come in his stead.\”

Huh? Levi’s ex-classmates were astounded to their limits. Who is Levi Garrison? Why is Mr. Jesse so attentive towards him? Oh my God! This is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me his identity already?

\”I’m fine. Jesse got worried over nothing. I’ll treat him to a meal someday.\” Levi said with a smile.

\”Yes. Sure. I will convey your message to him. Mr. Jesse will be pleased to hear this!\”

The Head Secretary of North Hampton is so excited because of Levi’s offer to treat Mr. Jesse to a meal?

Cedric turned to look at Draco sternly. \”What’s happening here, Mr. Simmons? My boss wanted me to clarify the situation with you!\”

\”This is all my fault! I failed my duties as a father in educating my child. This is the gravest mistake of my life for my son to offend you, Mr. Garrison!\” Draco Simmons bowed deeply in front of Levi and continued. \”I am deeply sorry, Mr. Garrison. This is all my fault. Please punish me!\”

Everyone gasped after witnessing that scene.

No one expected that the district council’s chief, Draco Simmons, to bow so lowly in front of Levi.

Stephan was dumbfounded.

Crystal fell into a daze.

Chloe was astonished.

Everyone inside the room was stupefied.

This is unbelievable. Levi Garrison’s status is frighteningly overwhelming.

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