The Protector novel Chapter 57

The high school reunion was hosted at the Royal Hotel. Although the place was not as extravagant as the revolving restaurant, a table reservation cost at least ten to twenty thousand. So the Royal Hotel was considered a lavish diner.

For someone receiving an average amount of salary, a meal there would cost three to four months of their monthly earnings. Not everyone in their class was so lucky in life. Some were doing good, while some were barely holding their life together.

A few men clad in suits were welcoming newcomers near the hotel entrance.

They crowded around Chloe’s Porsche Panamera upon her arrival.

\”Oh? Isn’t this the prettiest girl in our class? I heard you’re earning a few million a year. I guess that’s true since you’re driving a Porsche!\” A few male classmates began to bootlick.

Chloe flashed a shy smile upon hearing the compliments.

But the smile on everyone’s faces froze when they saw Levi getting out of the passenger’s seat.

They did not expect Levi to attend the reunion, not to mention coming to the venue alongside Chloe.

\”Oh, it’s Levi, the influential figure back in the day.\” A well-dressed man broke the awkward silence. He was the class monitor, Jed Barrett.

Even though he was the class monitor, Levi had always outshone him in the past. So Jed spent his younger days chasing behind Levi, trying to match up with Levi’s accomplishments.

Jed successfully entered one of the top universities and is currently working in a multinational corporation after graduation. He was rumored to be earning a few million a year as well.

Jed’s car was a pricey Range Rover. He was one of the high achievers in the class.

Levi greeted him with a smile.

\”We thought you wouldn’t come, Levi.\” A few other classmates asked shockingly.

Jed rolled his eyes at the person who asked the question. \”Levi is not a narrow-minded person. He’s not someone to be bothered by his current situation.\”

Everyone discussed Levi’s matter in the private room earlier. They shared a similar opinion that Levi would not attend the reunion because he would be too ashamed to face everyone else due to his recent imprisonment. But who would have thought Levi showed up in the end.

\”You’re right. Levi is a tough guy. We will never be able to reach his standard.\” The other classmates laughed.

They were implying Levi’s presence as a show of his shamelessness.

Jed strode past Levi and came to a halt in front of Chloe. \”You’re finally here, Chloe. Come, follow me into the room now. Everyone is waiting for you.\”

Jed was interested in Chloe. He knew Chloe was still single, so he deliberately organized the gathering since he had the ability and qualification to pursue her.

Everyone crowded around Chloe and disregarded Levi.

\”Shall we?\” Chloe stopped to address Levi before he followed them into the hotel.

Many people had already arrived on the third floor of the Royal Hotel.

Some of them even brought along their partners. So the venue was much livelier than Levi expected.

Everyone stood up to welcome Chloe, especially the men.

Chloe was a beauty, a successful beauty, nonetheless. So she was shining brighter than ever in everyone’s eyes.

Levi looked for a random seat and sat down.

\”Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn’t that Levi?\” One of the men, Wayne Warren, exclaimed. \”It’s really him. Levi is here!\”

Everyone turned to look at Levi all of a sudden.

Levi was once the most affluent among his peers, the dark horse in the city’s business world right after he graduated from university. He was a man with a net worth of over a billion, admired by women and envied by the men.

But after his downfall at the Garrison family’s hand, Levi became the most despicable person in everyone’s mind. They rebuked and insulted him as much as they looked up to him in the past.

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