The Protector novel Chapter 55

Zoey was afraid that the men were there to stir up a ruckus.

Unexpectedly, Nueve explained cheerfully. \”Nice to meet you, Ms. Zoey and Mr. Aaron. You can call me Nueve. I am deeply sorry for causing this mess in the last two days. So I worked through the night to restore the constructs we destroyed the other day. Moreover, you can freely utilize my subordinates until the completion of this project. I have around two hundred men with me, and please leave the sewage system to us. Also, we will not accept any payment for doing all these!\”

Two hundred gang members to volunteer at our construction site? No one could fathom the situation. But Zoey had no other choice but to accept the arrangements.

Zoey asked Levi about that matter when she arrived home that night.

\”I stayed in the same prison as Nueve previously. We were close to each other, so he did me a favor.\” Levi explained.

Zoey investigated Nueve’s background earlier in the day. So she could verify Levi’s statement.

\”You should not mingle with that lot from now on. The connections you have with those inmates are not desirable. Did you borrow the five million from those people as well?\” Zoey quickly deduced the source of the money.

Levi nodded. \”That’s right.\”

\”Alright. Let’s return this five million once I receive the payment.\” Zoey said with determination.

At the Garrison family estate.

Joseph gathered every member of the Garrison family for a meeting.

Bryan informed everyone agitatedly. \”I’ve investigated Levi’s background thoroughly. The man supporting him is Nueve. He was imprisoned previously because he killed someone and was placed in the same prison as Levi. Nueve was released from jail one year ago, and coincidentally, even Trey has to obey Nueve’s every order!\”

\”Did you know, Nueve’s subordinates are helping Zoey out at the construction site.\”

Joseph said with a smile. \”Now we know who’s the man supporting Levi. So it’s Nueve!\”

Melanie asked apprehensively. \”Is this Nueve a formidable man, grandpa?\”

\”He is indeed a formidable man. It is said that no one can match his cruelty and bloodlust.\”

\”But Nueve is not the most impressive man. That title belongs to Jack Smith, also known as the King of North Hampton. He is in charge of the whole North Hampton with hundreds of men working under him, including the Invincible-13.\” Joseph clarified.

\”Then should we be fearful of Nueve, grandpa?\” Melanie asked again.

Ben sneered. \”Nueve is nothing! It is as easy as ABC for us to kill him. However, we should be afraid of Jack Smith.\”

Malicious intent glinted in Joseph’s eyes. \”Alright. The one-month period Levi given us is around the corner. Let’s establish all our connections before I invite Mr. Smith over. It is time to face your doom, Levi!\”

\”Hahaha. That’s a brilliant move, grandpa! Nueve will have no other choice but to kneel when Jack Smith is here.\”

\”I can already imagine Levi’s dumbfounded expression in my mind. Hahaha…\”

Everyone laughed out loud.

They thought Nueve was the person supporting Levi. So they wanted to invite the most formidable man in the underworld, Jack Smith, to intimidate him. But little did they know about Levi’s identity…

The next day, the Lopez family’s representatives, Shaun and Samuel, went to meet up with Zoey.

Zoey did not know the reason behind their visit. \”What’s the matter? Do you need something?\”

\”Are you aware of your mistakes? Levi beat up Nueve’s subordinates and infuriated him. What’s wrong with both of you?\” Samuel jeered. \”You should hurry up and apologize to him. Otherwise, there will be no end to this matter!\”

Zoey curled her lips into a sneer. \”I see. I suppose you were the one to hire them in the first place?\”

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