The Protector novel Chapter 53

Chopper looked at Levi incredulously. He’s the King of War. Yet he’s so polite to this man puffing on a cigarette. Who the hell is he?

Kirin grabbed Chopper by the neck and lifted him up, suspending him in mid-air.

\”I’ll talk. I’ll tell you everything! Nueve sent us here.\” Chopper blurted everything out as he was scared to death.

\”Ask Nueve to meet me in thirty minutes. Do not make me go to him.\” Kirin smiled eerily.

\”Okay, okay, alright. I will make the call now!\” Chopper complied.

Nueve was having the time of his life at that moment inside a bar. \”Any update? Have you settled the matter? The people from the Lopez Family questioned our progress earlier.\” Nueve asked casually after the call connected.

\”Something terrible happened, Lord Nueve!\” Chopper’s panicky voice was heard.

\”What happened?\”

\”Please come here right now, Lord Nueve. We are being detained at the moment!\”

The call was hung up before Chopper could elaborate further.

Nueve roared after being informed of the situation. \”Gather all the men and follow me!\”

Multiple vans arrived at the construction site half an hour later.

Hundreds of thugs rushed towards the scene, with Nueve leading the way.

They saw Levi and Kirin standing alone at the site while Chopper and the others lay on the ground.

\”Who are you? Do you dare to tell me your name?\” Nueve asked coldly.

Nueve was under the impression that he was the most formidable man in North Hampton, despite sensing something was amiss with the bizarre turn of events.

\”So you’re Nueve? Who gave you the orders to do this?\” Levi asked.

\”Who do you think you are? How dare you question me?\” Nueve scorned.


Nueve did not expect Kirin to take out a gun and aimed at his forehead. Moreover, the gun was loaded.

Everyone was stunned. Even Nueve’s body was trembling. No one had the guts to point a gun at me before…

Nueve raised his arms in surrender as his legs wobbled. \”Let’s talk nicely. That gun of yours is quite uncommon. I’m guessing it’s for military use?\”

Nueve had his share of experience in society. He could distinguish that Levi and Kirin’s decisive and imposing manners are traits seen only in military men.

Nueve had once seen the gun model in Kirin’s hand. That gun is specially designed for soldiers in the Special Operations Regiment.

Kirin did not say a word. But his uniform was exposed when the wind blew open the trench coat he had donned.

There’s a star label on his shoulders! He’s a war king!


Nueve was mind-blown as he gained revelation. What terrible luck do I have to stumble into them!

The lasers pointed at their faces did not help with the ominous atmosphere.

An unprecedented terror filled their hearts.




The lights on the construction site were switched on the next second. The venue was suddenly as bright as day.

Everyone finally knew the source of the lasers pointed at their faces. They saw the snipers aiming at them with their sniper rifles from afar.

They were armed to the teeth with a few grenades hanging on their shoulder’s vests…

\”Kneel immediately, Lord Nueve. They are from the Special Operations Regiment!\” Chopper yelled.




Nueve and his men kneeled on the floor swiftly.

They threw all their weapons aside.

Trey’s warning reverberated beside Nueve’s ears at that moment. She is indeed someone I should not provoke. More importantly, Trey knew he could not inform me about these people’s identity.

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