The Protector novel Chapter 52

Levi requested Zoey to bring the construction workers away in the evening.

He remained at the construction site with Kirin as they smoked continuously while waiting for Nueve’s arrival.

Soon, a huge crowd arrived.

Chopper brought over a hundred skilled fighters with him this time. There were no villagers in sight as they were not needed anymore.

\”Oh? It seems like they’re missing. What a bunch of cowards.\” Chopper jeered.

\”They are fearful of you, Chopper.\” The other thugs bootlicked Chopper.

\”Well, since there’s no one around, we shall level this place!\”

Levi and Kirin showed themselves right after Chopper gave the order.

\”Aha! There are still people here. Are the two of you workers in this place?\” Chopper teased them.

\”Yes. We are here to guard this site tonight.\” Levi took a puff of his cigarette.

Chopper sized up the two men. Then he chuckled. \”Judging from your physiques and attires, I’m guessing you guys were from the army?\”


\”Isn’t Zoey looking down on us? Does she think two ex-soldiers will be sufficient to handle us? You over there, do you think you can scare us with that walkie-talkie?\”

Chopper looked at Levi and Kirin disdainfully. The men that I’ve brought with me tonight are equipped with combat skills comparable to ex-militants. \”Beat them up, but don’t kill them.\” Chopper commanded without bothering to do anything himself.

Kirin held the walkie-talkie to his mouth and spoke just as Chopper’s men moved in their direction. \”It’s time to rumble.\”


A flare shot up into the sky all of a sudden.


Chopper and the others looked at the flare in a daze because they had never experienced something like this.

In the next moment, hurried footsteps were heard in every direction.

Anxiety crept into Chopper’s heart suddenly.

Everyone’s minds went blank as armored and armed soldiers surrounded them within a few seconds.


Crack! Crack!

One soldier rushed toward Chopper before he could react and broke his wrists. The knives in his hands fell onto the ground.




The thugs were nothing compared to the soldiers despite their experiences of having killed another person.

Their wrists were broken by the soldiers before they could even raise the weapon in their hands. Then they were shoved onto the ground.

In just a blink of an eye, Chopper and the hundred over thugs were left sprawled on the ground as they howled miserably.

One of the soldiers came to a halt in front of Kirin and saluted. \”King of War! We, the Kirin’s special squad, have successfully subdued all the enemies.\”

Kirin looked at the stopwatch in his hand. He said with a smile, \”59 seconds. You’ve barely passed the test.\”

Upon hearing that, Chopper and the other thugs lying on the ground were scared out of their wits.

\”What? Kirin’s special squad? King of War?\”

\”Are we in deep shit now?\”

\”Why is the special squad here to confront us? We’re just some ordinary thugs.\”

Chopper’s scalp tingled as the acknowledgment nearly caused him to pass out due to the fear. We are the leading gang in the circle. But I did not expect some special squad to be targeting us.

Everyone understood the situation when they saw the lasers aimed at their bodies.

\”Come out, snipers.\” Kirin ordered.

A team of snipers appeared out of nowhere.

Chopper was in utter disbelief. They even prepared snipers?

\”Question their identities.\” Levi continued to smoke.

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