The Protector novel Chapter 51

Trey could not help but ask after listening to Nueve’s words. \”Is Zoey the boss of that project, Lord Nueve?\”

\”You’re right. There is someone named Zoey there. What’s the matter?\”

Trey was astounded after receiving Nueve’s confirmation. Nueve is in deep shit now.

He warned Nueve cautiously. \”I am telling you as a friend, Lord Nueve. Do not meddle in this matter.\”

Nueve was bewildered. \”Oh? Why is that? Is there something wrong?\”

\”That woman should not be provoked. Let’s not participate in this matter anymore, Lord Nueve.\” Trey said.

Nueve replied mockingly. \”Haha. Are you telling me that there is a woman who I cannot provoke? That’s interesting!\”

Trey muttered. \”How should I explain this? She’s a unique woman. Anyone who dares to provoke her will face certain death. I’m afraid you’ll not be an exception as well, Lord Nueve.\”

\”Who are you to say that, Trey? How dare you belittle Lord Nueve?\”

\”That’s right. You’re spouting nonsense!\”

Nueve was angered as well. \”Fine. In that case, why don’t you enlighten me about her background? Who’s supporting her?\”

\”She… Never mind. I hope you will heed my advice and stay out of this matter.\”

Trey did not reveal Levi’s identity after he pondered about it. If I tell anyone about this, I will certainly die a painful death.

\”Hmph! Are you looking down on me, Trey? Very well, get lost then!\” Nueve roared.

\”You will regret it if you do not listen to me!\” Trey yelled before he was tossed out of the venue by a few men.

Meanwhile, Zoey returned to Bayview Garden in despair. If this drags on, I will not be able to afford the rent without this project.

\”What’s going on? Did something happen?\” Levi asked.

Zoey explained everything to him.

He asked her after she was done. \”Are you sure they will be there again tomorrow night?\”

\”Yes. I don’t know who’s the person orchestrating this. But their final goal is to stop me from proceeding with the project.\”

\”Okay. Leave this matter to me. I will go to the construction site tomorrow.\”

Levi went to the balcony and made a phone call after Zoey slept. \”I need some men tomorrow night, Azure Dragon.\”

\”You should contact Kirin for this, Sir. He’s got plenty of subordinates.\”

Kirin contacted Levi shortly after. \”I am the right person you’re looking for, Sir. I’ve been training a special squad in North Hampton since I have too much leisure time here. Their abilities are as good as the men we have in the base after receiving my training. I have a total of two hundred men ready to move out at a moment’s notice.\”

\”Okay. Bring that squad over here tomorrow night. There’s a mission for them to accomplish.\” Levi answered in a low voice with a sullen look.

\”Understood, Sir! This is the perfect opportunity to test out their actual combat skills.\” Kirin’s excitement was as clear as day.

The five generals working under Levi were granted similar titles, but they had different responsibilities.

Azure Dragon was a war tactician and commander, while Kirin was a demon-like instructor tasked with training special squads for combat purposes.

Kirin had been training a new squad in North Hampton in the last two weeks. He shortlisted two hundred men out of ten thousand candidates.

The next day, Zoey took Levi’s suggestion and proceeded with their construction as usual.

Nueve was made aware of the happenings at the construction site. He said angrily, \”What? They have the guts to continue with the construction? How dare they disregard me? Bring more men tonight, and make sure to teach them a lesson, Chopper! Feel free to disable a few of them as long as you do not kill them.\”

Chopper nodded with a menacing smile.

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