The Protector novel Chapter 50

The scars were obviously left behind after he recovered from grave injuries inflicted by knives.

The sight of his scars was sufficient to invoke fear in most people.

The man was nicknamed Chopper and he was a famous person in their circle. He was also Nueve’s right-hand man.

Chopper sneered at Zoey while wielding two knives in each hand. \”You’re the boss? This demolition is wrong in the first place. You forced your will on us and scammed us, the villagers.\”

\”He’s right. We want compensation!\”

\”We will wreak havoc on this place if you do not compensate us!\”

Under the thugs’ leadership, the villagers shouted angrily.

Zoey stared at them with all seriousness. \”I am sorry, but we’ve acquired the right to develop this area legally. If you feel that the compensation amount is not sufficient, then you should be looking for the department in charge of this matter, not us.\”

Chopper jeered. \”We don’t care about all those things. We’re all just common folks here, and all we can see is that you are building things on our land. I will give you two choices. Compensate us handsomely, or we will destroy whatever you build here.\”

\”That’s right! We want compensation!\” Everyone shrieked.

Zoey finally got the hang of the situation. They are here to stir up trouble. These thugs must have forced these villagers to cooperate.

\”Alright. How much do you want us to compensate you for?\” Zoey asked.

\”We have made the calculations. You only need to compensate us with one billion.\” Chopper answered.

\”Impossible! Don’t even think about getting a single cent!\” Aaron retorted immediately.

Chopper narrowed his eyes menacingly. \”If that’s the case, then destroy everything!\”

The few thugs and over a hundred villagers began wrecking things after receiving Chopper’s command.

The workers tried to prevent them. But the thugs threatened them with knives aimed at their throats. \”I’ll kill everyone who dares to move.\”

Zoey and the workers could only watch idly at the side as they tear down everything that was built in sight, including the worker’s resting area.

After that, Chopper smiled satisfyingly. \”I’m warning you now, Zoey. We will come here every day and demolish everything you’ve built if you do not compensate us.\”

Then he threatened the workers. \”I will kill all of you if you dare to inform the police.\”

Chopper led the angry crowd away afterward.

Zoey and Aaron were on the verge of tearing up at the sight of the mess.

Chopper sneered at the villagers after they reached a secluded area. \”Go back to your houses now and do not tell anyone about this. I know your address, so I will find you and let you suffer the consequences should you disobey me.\”

\”We know. We won’t disobey you.\”

The villagers left immediately.

Chopper dialed a number and reported cheerfully. \”We’ve accomplished the task, Lord Nueve.\”

An unpleasant voice was heard from the other line. \”This is some easy money provided by the Lopez family. All we have to do is destroy a few buildings.\”

\”You’re absolutely right. I will visit the construction site again tomorrow night, Lord Nueve.\” Chopper laughed out loud in excitement.

On the other hand, inside a clubhouse. A lot of people were seated inside a private room.

Among the crowd was Trey. But he was far from being the center of attention in that banquet because Nueve was the host of that event.

Nueve’s was ranked significantly higher in their circle compared to Trey.

Someone whispered. \”What’s the matter, Lord Nueve? Are you facing any trouble? Just tell me if you need any men to do your biddings.\”

Nueve, who was dressed formally for that occasion, responded with a smile. \”Nothing of the sort. It’s just that the Lopez family gifted me with ten million to stir up trouble at the on-going West City Ecological Park construction site. I thought the task would be tricky, but things ended smoothly.\”

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