The Protector novel Chapter 37

Levi took another puff and asked indifferently, \”How much does it cost to reserve your whole restaurant?\”

\”Fine, I’ll enlighten you! It would cost at least five million to reserve the entire restaurant. Can you afford that?\”


The servers laughed out loud when they saw the astonished look in Levi’s eyes.

Levi finished up his smoke and stubbed out his cigarette.

\”So that’s all you need to reserve the whole place? Just a mere five million?\” Levi said with a sardonic smile. Five million is just chicken feed to me.

\”Don’t act like some big shot when you are just a nobody!\” sneered the servers, \”Look at those cheap stuff you’re smoking! You couldn’t even afford something better than those lousy, filthy, ten for a pack of cigarettes!\”

Just when Levi was about to take out his wallet and put down the reservation, a high pitched voice came up from behind, \”Who’s the one that’s looking to make a scene here at North Hampton Center? Let me see who the hell is he?\”

Levi could feel a few shadows had gathered behind his back.

The voice came from a young man fully clad in Versace outfit with a Rolex Submariner on his wrist. Even his shoes were custom made from overseas.

Together, these would cost more than the life savings of any common folk.

The man was Kyle Jarvis, whose father owned the restaurant.

Kyle was Abigail’s senior in the university as well.

As compared to Yannick, Kyle came from a family that was way wealthier and powerful than Yannick’s. One could immediately tell from the way he was dressed and his charisma.

Kyle was a playboy known for his flings with different women, and his latest conquest was an internet celebrity.

\”Oh? What brings you here, Abigail?\”

Kyle’s eyes lit up when he saw Abigail standing behind Levi.

\”Hello, Kyle!\”

\”I’m here to make a reservation!\” Abigail said tensely.

Several times, Kyle had tried to woo her in the most exaggerated fashion.

Slap! Kyle gave a tight slap to the server next to him after he heard Abigail’s recount of what had happened.

\”Don’t you know that she is my dearest classmate? I want you to process her reservation immediately!\” Kyle shouted at his servers.

\”But it’s not your classmate who wanted to reserve our restaurant, sir.\” The server said feebly, \”It was this man who wanted to reserve the whole restaurant for one full day!\”

\”Who’s this guy, Abigail?\” Kyle eyed Levi curiously when he heard what his server had told him.


Levi was just about to make known his intention when Abigail grabbed his arm and halted him, \”Let me introduce my boyfriend to you, Kyle!\”

Her words almost gave Levi the goosebumps again.

Abigail clung on even tighter to Levi, pressing her body against his.

Frustration kicked in when Kyle saw the affectionate display from Abigail.

The rage in him was driving him mad!

So Abigail has a boyfriend now?

What made her set her eyes on such an unsightly fellow? Doesn’t he look like some beggars on the streets?

\”Are you kidding, Abigail?\” Kyle suppressed his anger and forced out a smile, \”Why do you have to go get some beggars off the streets to act as your boyfriend? Are you going to such great lengths just to avoid me?\”

\”Why do I have to lie to you, Kyle?\” Abigail rebuffed, \”We’ve just stayed in the same place the night before, haven’t we?\”

Levi nodded in acknowledgement. Since it was true that they had stayed in the same place the night before.

Little did he know that others would interpret that differently. It was as good as telling them that Levi and Abigail were sleeping on the same bed.

\”I’m utterly disappointed in you, Abigail!\” Kyle was raving mad as he shouted at her, \”How could you give in to his honeyed words? It pains me to know that you are such a loose and disgusting woman who would sleep around with beggars like him!\”

His words elicited a cold, hard stare from Levi.

\”What did you just say? Say it again!\”

How dare you insult the cousin of my beloved wife? Are you looking to die?

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