The Protector novel Chapter 26

Their explanation seemed plausible to Zoey.

So, it was only because they wanted to please the big guns like Azure Dragon and Orlando that these billionaires showed up in person to invest in my project.

\”So did you explain to every one of them in person?\”

Zoey looked at Levi and felt her heart ached when she thought about what Levi must have gone through to get the support of those billionaires.

\”Yes, I did. It was quite tiring indeed.\” Levi smiled gently.

In actual fact, all he needed was just a call. His word was almost as good as a decree.

\”I owe it to you, Levi.\” Zoey said with heartfelt gratitude, \”It’s all because of you that we’re able to pull this off.\”

\”You’re right. All credit goes to Levi. It was him who had turned the situation around, I had almost given up hope.\”

Aaron was extremely pleased with Levi’s performance today.

\”I am still grappling with what’s happening, actually.\” Caitlyn gushed.

She was starting to see Levi in a more positive light now.

\”Levi, why don’t you change into a new set of clothes since you’ve been wearing them for a while.\” Caitlyn said, \”Just put the clothes in the laundry basket and I’ll get them wash at the hospital. I am on duty tomorrow and I need to get my uniform washed as well.\”

\”Sure, mom.\” Levi simpered, \”Thank you.\”

The following day.

Zoey and Levi left the house to follow up on the project while Caitlyn took her laundry to the hospital’s laundry department.

Here, she could wash her clothes and get them sterilized as well.

The principal reason was because it was free and convenient since she worked in the hospital.

She had been using the laundry department to do her laundry ever since her family condition went downhill because of Aaron’s failing business.

\”Hey, you’re taking your laundry here again to save on your utilities bill?\” A woman walked in and asked in a penetrating voice, \”Must you be such a cheapskate? Didn’t your family used to run a large company?\”

The woman’s name was Jelena Keaton. She worked in the same department with Caitlyn.

Along with Caitlyn, she was tipped as the favorite to be the department’s next assistant supervisor. There had always been bad blood between the two.

The nomination for the department’s assistant supervisor would be out anytime soon.

Neither of them liked each other, since Jelena was a prickly character who would taunt Caitlyn whenever she saw the opportunity to do so.

\”What’s that got to do with you?\” Caitlyn refuted, \”You’re not the one who’s paying the utilities fees anyway!\”

With Jelena gone, Caitlyn emptied her laundry into the basket.

Just when she was about to toss Levi’s clothes into the washer, she found a lump in his pocket.

\”What a careless chap! How could he even forget to clear his pockets?\”

Caitlyn emptied the contents out of the pocket.

There was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, both were of a navy green color. Caitlyn did not read the words engraved on the cigarette box and lighter.

If only Aaron was here, he was bound to recognize them instantly. Those were war zone cigarettes that no amount of money could buy!

One would need special connections to have access to those types of cigarettes.

The rarest of them would be those with a sniper logo. They were so rare that even the big guns could not get their hands on those cigarettes.

As it turns out, those cigarettes were only provided to the Special Operations Regiment…

\”He should really cut down on his smoke.\” Caitlyn frowned and dumped the cigarettes into the dustbin, \”They could only do him more harm than good!\”

Then there was Levi’s wallet.

Caitlyn thought for a moment and opened it up.

There was some loose change inside the wallet, together with Levi and Zoey’s marriage photo.

The only items remained were two small cards, a few chips and an identification pass.

One of the two cards was a black bank card. \”This guy’s a pauper. How much money could he have in that card?\” Caitlyn scoffed and put aside the bank card.

Little did she know that the black card was the worldwide limited edition American Express card with no spending limit attached to it. once used, It could even haul a plane to return to its port of embarkation, even when it had already taken off.

The other remaining card was a navy green card with a sniper logo on it.

The bunch of chips hardly interested Caitlyn. Her focus was on the identification pass.

It was a red color document with ‘Officer Pass’ written on it, which bore the symbol of the Divine Guard Unit.

\”Huh! An officer pass for an ex-convict?\” Caitlyn sneered, \”Do you think that would make you a true officer?\”

On second thought, she flipped open the Officer Pass.

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