The Protector novel Chapter 114

\”He is Will Ramos from South City’s South Warzone, Sir!\” Someone reported immediately.

Kirin said furiously. \”How did he qualify the selection with that kind of stamina? Send him back to where he came from!\”

Afterwards, Levi’s brief pep talk to the soldiers marked the beginning of the training camp.

Aaron visited Levi’s house when he returned home that night.

He was there to inform Levi that Pamela and Bailey were willing to accept his apology that night because they were in a good mood.

\”Okay. I’ll go,\” Levi agreed. He also reserved a table at Grand Royal Restaurant with Zoey.

Abigail and her parents arrived after a short while.

Pamela and Bailey were over the moon as they smiled dazzlingly the whole time. They were even polite to Aaron and Caitlyn when they exchanged greetings.

\”Why are you so happy? Let us be a part of the joy too.\” Aaron and Caitlyn were intrigued.

Pamela was pleased. \”This is all because of Will. Not only did we become acquainted with the King of War, Kirin, during the ceremony earlier, but we also got to see the God of War’s appearance.\”

Abigail nodded in agreement.

\”Really? You’re now acquainted with Kirin?\” Aaron was caught in excitement. I want to get to know these influential figures too.

Exhilaration was written all over Bailey’s face. \”That’s right. He even knows our names. He said Abigail looks like his sister.\”

\”What? The King of War, Kirin, knows your names? Oh my God!\” Caitlyn was astounded.

Pamela explained, \”They had our information as well as Will’s, so they know everyone about us. I think Kirin accepted us as part of his circle. Why else would he take the initiative to meet with us?\”

Bailey nodded. \”Yes. We do have the qualifications and background to be included in his circle. Kirin told us to look for him if we face any trouble in the future.\”

Aaron and Caitlyn could not be more jealous about Abigail and her family’s luck.

\”I am very happy today. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help in the future, Caitlyn,\” Bailey said to his sister.

\”Thank you, Bailey. Thank you!\” Aaron and Caitlyn expressed their gratitude immediately. We’ve been waiting for so long for him to say that.

Bailey shifted his gaze onto Levi. \”But he must apologize first!\”

\”Yes, that’s right. He needs to say that he’s sorry. Otherwise, we will never accept all of you.\” Pamela was determined.

Abigail whispered to Levi as she was caught in a difficult position too. \”Please don’t mind this, Levi.\”

Zoey urged him as well. \”Just do as they say.\”

\”I’m very sorry, Uncle and Aunt. I shouldn’t have talked back to you yesterday.\” Levi apologized.

\”Okay. I will forgive you because I am in a good mood today.\” Pamela waved her hand.

Bailey questioned him suddenly. \”By the way, did you attend the ceremony today? We did not see you there just now.\”

Pamela stared at Levi mockingly. Let’s listen to his excuse.

\”I went. But you were not qualified to meet with me.\” Levi told them the truth.

But his honesty infuriated Pamela and Bailey. They glared at him in fury.

Aaron and Caitlyn were dumbfounded. We poured in so much effort to finally get on good terms with them. But Levi has to ruin everything again.

Zoey was dazed. What did he say?

The door to the private room was pushed open just as Pamela and Bailey were about to unleash their anger. \”Mr. Black, Mdm. Rogers, something terrible has happened. Mr. Ramos was kicked out from the North Hampton Warzone because he’s not qualified to join the training camp due to his poor body condition. They will be sending him into the room now.\”

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