The Protector novel Chapter 111

Will left the room cockily, leaving Aaron and his family to look at one another helplessly.

Caitlyn said despondently, \”The Rogers family and the Black family are both powerful families with strict household regulations. They do not condone this type of behavior. So I cannot blame them for being mad.\”

Aaron fixated his hateful stare on Levi as he roared, \”I can’t wait to strangle you to death with my own hands one day!\”

He was about to slap Levi when Zoey stopped her father.

\”Calm down. We’ll just apologize to Uncle and Aunt another day.\” Zoey comforted her parents.

\”Calm down? He tainted our reputations in front of the Black family and the Rogers family! What are you trying to do, Levi Garrison? Do you want to drive us to our deaths before you change that shitty attitude of yours?\” Caitlyn pointed at Levi as she rebuked him.

Levi said helplessly. \”Father, mother, I really do have to attend the opening ceremony.\”

\”That’s not the issue here. You brought shame to our family and offended Bailey and Pamela! So what if you attend the ceremony? That doesn’t change anything. You’re still a piece of human trash!\” Aaron yelled angrily.

Caitlyn could not contain her wrath too. \”Perhaps you can participate in the ceremony because you once stumbled into the God of War due to sheer luck. But he’s not acquainted with you at the end of the day. You have nothing to back up your big words as always!\”

Zoey immediately dragged Levi away. They will force us to get a divorce if we stay there any longer.

The next day, Abigail contacted Aaron in the afternoon and told him her parents had calmed down. Abigail’s parents were willing to accept their apology if they bring Levi along and make him ask for their forgiveness sincerely. But they wanted to deal with Aaron and his family only after the opening ceremony ended.

Aaron ordered Levi to beg for Bailey and Pamela’s forgiveness in person. Otherwise, he would have to divorce Zoey.

Levi agreed to his request.

The opening ceremony for Kirin’s Special Operations Regiment occurred the next day.

Kirin contacted Levi early in the morning, informing the latter that he would be picking him up.

Levi asked Aaron, Caitlyn, and Zoey if they wanted to tag along with him to the opening ceremony, but they scolded him instead.

Zoey chided him and told him not to interrupt her during her office hours.

Meanwhile, the army sent a car to pick Will up.

Abigail and her family got into the car together with him.

Pamela could not hide her exhilaration for having the opportunity to sit in an army vehicle despite her extraordinary family background.

The soldier driving the car said cheerfully, \”You guys are so lucky, Will. The King of War, Kirin, will be instructing all of you personally. Most importantly, the God of War wants to give a motivational speech to all of you too.\”

Will was fidgeting in his seat as he could barely contain his excitement to meet with his idol, the God of War. \”You’re right. I can’t believe I am blessed with this good fortune.\” Will smiled in embarrassment.

\”That’s because of your remarkable excellence. They wouldn’t have selected you otherwise!\” Pamela complimented him.

The soldier driving the car nodded in agreement. \”She’s right. You must be an elite soldier to qualify for the training camp.\”

Will straightened his back proudly as they flattered him. But disappointment rose within him when he turned to look at Abigail.

Abigail was not gazing at Will with admiration as he thought she should be. In contrast, she was acting indifferently.

The car entered the military zone after some time.

They finally arrived at the training base after another hour.

All of them were impressed by the sight of soldiers equipped with actual weapons standing guard all over the place.

The participants for the training camp and their families were arranged to sit in a large, vacated area.

A total of 100 participants were selected to join the training camp. Everyone was looking around enthusiastically as if it was their first day of enlistment in the army.

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